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just a glimpse, dear.

24 January 2010

After my petit post on my likes, loves and hates, in which I accompanied the text with pictures of Rosa-Fiona Bettina’s(one of my favorite bloggers!) bedroom, some mistakenly thought they were my photos (but isn’t her room lovely?). Ergo, I figured I’d not only clear any misunderstandings by showing my actual room.

Et, voilà! A photograph giving all you lovely chou-chous of mine a teeny-tiny glimpse of my bedroom! This would be Exhibit A, showing a corner of one of my shelves (on my desk). I quite like this new set-up: stacks of my magazine collection (mostly ELLE and then some), and any books of the fashion genre. On the little easel is my  f i r s t  issue of Paris Vogue, March 2008. Besides the fact that French Vogue is ze Bible of all things fashionable – in my humble opinion, of course – it is quite sentimental. I purchased it outside the shoppes of the Champs-Élysées during my trip to France two years ago whilst wandering about in awe at the magasins and the Arc de Triomphe.

{+} Toblerone is my favorite chocolate in the entire world, without a doubt. It is indeed the key to my heart.

{+} I kept a Starbucks coffee cup for good measure. It looks quite cute as decoration, no?

{+} That adorable little book, Paris Chic & Trendy, is absolutely brilliant; in it are the chic-est boutiques & designers of France with beautiful photographs and descriptions in French and English. I bought it at the Louvre’s souvenir shoppe whilst in France.

{+} Yes, I do have an English-French/French-English pocket dictionary on my shelf. Alas, it is not in my pocket.


La C.


s c a n d a l o u s .

20 January 2010

{ image source: g o o g l e i m a g e s }

Okay. So maybe not entirely scandalous. Juste un peu scandaleux, s’il vous plaît.

I shan’t lie; I’m quite tired of this. Italicized in reference to the ever-so-bland life of your average American high school student. If only the lives of Blair Waldorf and Serena Vanderwoodsen transpired into my own. Constance by day, the Palace’s bar (lounging casually whilst sipping martinis and nibbling on grilled cheese with truffle oil and fresh tomatoes) by noon, and clubbing by night in petite Hervé Léger numbers. All done with the Chanel or Valentino of the moment hung in the crook of their arm. Lives chock full of drama, sex, more drama, more sex, and fabulousness all in between.

But of course I’m not complaining; I’m simply acknowledging the vast differences between my life, and that of the upper east side-er’s. There so is a difference… Ah, dearest B., why don’t you let me have a pick from your vast collection of designer doodads, and share Chuck Bass with me? You get him on the week days, I get him over weekends. Fair enough?

Whilst all you lovely cocottes of mine go about your own glamorous lives, and I rotate between a daily schedule of: school, practice/rehearsal, basketball games (dance team performs at half time!), procrastination, homework, sleep,  r e p e a t , I’ve concocted a list of “Why Don’t You’s?” for both your and my own perusal. When I have free time, that is. So carpe diem, seize the day; pourquoi pas? There’s nothing to lose.

why don’t you…

vamp up your daily makeup routine? Forget au naturel (if you’re like me), or the usual neutral and/or winged liner and pink-mauve lips. Change it up for a day. Use the darkest, smoldering black liner to line your waterline and tightline. Smudge it, set it with matte or shimmery black shadow (Carbon or Black Tied by M·A·C), and blend it with a shimmery taupe (Satin Taupe, also by M·A·C) for a beautiful finish. Pile on the mascara, groom the brows, and lay on the nude lipstick. Be a vampish seductress for a day.

be Barbie for a day? Hot pink lipstick, faux lashes, loads of mascara, and black winged liner. Better yet, derive your inspiration from the original 1960’s Barbie. Wear a striped black and white body-conscious dress and platform heels. Oh là là.

plan a girl’s night out in the city? Pack your overnight goodies, favorite heels, freakum dress(es), etc., bring a few ladies, and rent a limo à la Gossip Girl. Pop champagne, pamper yourselves at a spa (mani and pedi, of course!) along the way, and drop your bags in a hotel room. Get ready together like you did in junior high and high school before school dances, and hit the clubs. Classy ones, of course. Drink a little “Sex on the Beach” and dance the night away.

flirt more? According to scientists who study the art of flirtation (I kid; I suppose they’re behaviorists of sorts), flirting may boost your white blood-cell count, thus boosting immunity and health. Psychologists have also said that flirting increases self-esteem! Be coquettish. It’s fun. And harmless, so long as you’re single.

embrace your sexiness? Present-day “pin-up” Megan Fox had said recently that “women are supposed to be beautiful, we’re supposed to be sexy” – I suppose in response to some journalists’ question and/or statement about women, sex, and the pros/cons of being provocative. Regardless, take heed to what she says! Megan Fox is, after all, the pinnacle of sexy, and is quite right: all women are sexy. We all have that provacteur or coquette within. Forget inhibitions, and embrace those curves. Work it, girl! And refer to the previous bullet-point heart.

read an issue of Cosmopolitan? That in itself is quite scandalous. My friends and I are amused by monthly issues filled with exotic things to do. Read it alone, with the girls for giggles, or perhaps with your other half? (;

throw a party? [Virgin] drinks, a club-worthy playlist, couches to lounge in, and open space to dance the night (or morning?) away is all that is necessary. Thrown on a slinky mini and invite as few or many friends you need to get the night going. Hire a photographer, professional or simply a friend interested in the hobby, to take photos throughout the night. Post them up, and everyone will wonder which fabulous club or party you’ve been a VIP at.


La C.

oh, where the wild things are.

17 January 2010

{ image source: t h e f a s h i o n s p o t }

I swear, I haven’t neglected my blog for British cult favorite, POP Magazine. I’ve just been frazzled with work/viral attacks on the precious laptop (twice this week!) and a writer’s block with what to write there.

But no worries. Herein begins post number one of the new year. Say hello to 2010, chock full of wild things and happenings.

Read away, darlings, and don’t forget to follow via Bloglovin’!


La C.

whenever i see “like” i think of facebook…

9 January 2010

The super sweet Ramona of Hot Couture passed the “Glamorous Blog Award” to me (thank you!); but as with all things, there is a fine line. Twelve likes, one love, and eight hates. Comin’ right up, with a side of Nutella spread, s’il vous plaît.

And yes, I really did think of Facebook as soon as I saw this.

{ze LIKES.}

Let me preface this by saying that I use like/love interchangeably – if I “like” something, I “like” it wholeheartedly. So I suppose this would end up being a list of thirteen “loves”, not twelve “likes” plus one “love”. It’s so not cheating – I love a lot of things.

Cleaning, re-organizing, re-decorating every season or so. Either I’m restless, or have a lot of time (read: I do the three during my insomniatic bouts that occur every so often. And insomniatic needs to be a real word.)

Blogs and blogging. Especially blogs of substantial text, fashion-related or not. The imagery is just a plus. I do “like” those ubiquitous blogs that are all pictures from thefashionspot, but I could find all those photos too. If I felt like scouring the thousands of forums and pages of threads.

Dancing. A passion, hobby, and outlet for self-expression. It’s liberating.

Magazines. I realized only the other day, whilst cleaning/re-organizing/re-decorating my room (see bullet- heart-point no. 1), that magazine subscriptions are rather expensive indulgences.

Reading. I’m a self-professed nerd. And I’m one-hundred percent fine with that.

Philosophical musings and cultural history/anthropology. Ditto.

Coffeeshops and cafés. I like things on a smaller scale; like cupcakes! Petite is always cuter and quainter. I love the relaxing environment, and the fact that they have coffee.

My beloved electronic devices. The mobile, the laptop (especially!), and the iPod are my babies. And no, they don’t have names.

Candles. My disclaimer: I am no pyro. But fire is undeniable, beautiful, and magical. I love the shadows and flickering of light that play on my walls. Mm. Vanilla bourbon scented candles are delicious.

Window-shopping. It’s fun depending on my mood patience that day.

Notebooks & Post-It Notes. I always have both with me in my bag and go through them rather quickly; I write everything and anything down.

Writing. Obviously.

{ze LOVE.}

Independence. I value my individuality & freedom most. Which is, perhaps, why I cannot wait to grow up.

{ze HATES.}

Narrow-minded people.

Racism. Discrimination. L-o-a-t-h-e  it. It’s despicable.

My ability to procrastinate exceedingly well. It annoys me at times.

Over-zealous religious people who believe they are the only ones who are right and want to convert the entire world. A.k.a. the Christian Crusaders of the 21st century. I’m a Christian. I am. But religion, to me, is a faith, a beacon of hope. I won’t delve into my beliefs to spare you of a headache in reading my rambles, but these people need to recognize that they are narrow-minded. I applaud you in your passion and dedication, I do. But no one gave you the right to tell others what they believe is wrong.

Disorganization and clutter. I cannot stand my workspace or bedroom in anything nearing a messy state, and I especially cannot stand shopping in a cluttered store (I often lose interest and patience at Forever21 because of this).

Bent pages and spines of books. Books in my personal collection are in pristine condition, I’m proud to announce. It breaks my heart to see a dog-eared page or a book that’s been vandalized with scribbles/highlighting.

My caffeine addiction. I know it’s unhealthy. But I love my coffee and green tea too much to let it go!

The whole abortion controversy. I’m pro-choice. Not because I’ve been labeled a Democrat, or a liberal. But because I’m exactly how that read: for the individual’s ability to make a decision. No one has a right to tell a person what to do, especially if they don’t know the circumstances of that situation. I loathe it when conservatives (for example, a pastor of mine who thought I was blasphemous) say to allow for abortion is to murder. NO. I don’t see a single person parading about with signs saying “WE LOVE ABORTION!” No one is for the act of abortion in large quantities. But it’s a choice out there for women to turn to when necessary.

{ images’ source: rosa-fiona bettina, one of my new favorite blogs! }


La C.

counting down the seconds…

1 January 2010

10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . 6 . . .

5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .

Happy New Year, darlings!

{and a kiss on the cheek for each and every one of you!}

So you all know that rather overplayed (but nonetheless uplifting!) song on the radio by the Black Eyed Peas? Well, mes chéries, I have got quite the feeling that 2010 is going to be a good year. Take every day as a fresh start; simply carpe diem. Seize the day.

Kisses from yours truly, and cheers. How about we pop a bit more bubbly now, eh? It’s time to celebrate!


La C.

what’s in, what’s out {2009}

31 December 2009

Let’s take a trip down good ol’ Memory Lane, shall we? It’d be rather rude to decline my invitation; my hand out is awaiting for you to grab it! But today’s little journey will differ a bit from the previous walks, mes non-pareils. I’m only going back to the best memories, moments, & whatever thing of 2009.

Girl’s week out in Wildwood, NJ this summer. A far superior alternative to your weekly GNO; a week spent at the beach house of a girlfriend’s with four other best friends? Boy hunting whilst tanning on the beaches, gorging ourselves with fried oreos, and nightly visits on piers galavanting the scariest of rides and making eyes at boys who can’t stop looking our way? Nothing can beat that.

New York City. Self-explanatory; it’s one of my favorite places.

Interning at my county courthouse. Definitely one of the most beneficial and inspirational month in my high school career working under the Human Resources Division. I truly am grateful to the department’s employees, supervisor, and manager for giving me such a wonderful experience there.

Becoming a partner & blogger for POP Magazine. I think my heart stopped when I saw unread email in my inbox. Surreal? Unreal? Or for me, at least; I still cannot fathom that I was one in twenty or so bloggers chosen to partner with this cult-favorite (I need a subscription!) – one in twenty out of the give-or-take, thousands, of other bloggers out in this lovely online word. But before you try to interrupt my ramblings in saying that I’ve only written three posts on that blog, I am well aware of how neglectful I’ve been. I’m getting back into the whole blogging extravaganza, you see, and one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get back into the swing of things, and post both here and there regularly. Follow with bloglovin’!

Being published & guest blogging. I had pitched this idea to the editor-in-chief of the now folded Dujour magazine that was made the cover story of the winter issue. “The {Faux} New Yorker” was a guest post written for another blog; I’m quite proud of this piece, too.

Tumblr. One of my latest obsessions

Senior year. They always say your last year of high school is the best. And they were indeed right: I love my classes, became closer with friends, made new friends, and met knew people. At this point I suppose I should get blurry-eyed, teary, and overcome with sentimentality, but not yet. It’s not the end, people. It’s simply a beginning.

Meeting new people, & making new friends. It is, once again, one of those things that are self-explanatory.

What were your favorite 2009 moments?

Wishing you the best of 2010,

La C.

P.S. I officially loathe my incompetent, cruddy camera. (Or perhaps it’s my inability to use a camera skillfully?) Regardless, here are snapshots of my nails, in celebration of the upcoming New Year. The intensity of the silver glitters weren’t captured at all, sadly, and it looks so sheer. So I suppose you would have to just trust me when I say that my nails look as if they were dipped in diamond dust – and they look even better in the dark.

that would be miss palermo to you.

27 December 2009

{ image source: t h e f a s h i o n s p o t }

Long story short: I’ve been quite enamored with Olivia Palermo since I decided that procrastinating whilst watching “The City” would be the perfect distraction in preventing the inevitable feeling of guilt for avoiding summer homework assignments. For the record, I usually am good with staying away from silly reality TV shows – and yes, I did just call them silly – that are typically a waste of valuable time that could otherwise be spent doing far more beneficial things; say, blogging here and there. Before you lovelies go about calling me a hypocrite for watching “The City” and “The Rachel Zoe Project”, I only watch those for any potentially helpful content about the fashion industry and/or if I am absolutely dying of boredom. The latter usually comes about during midterm/finals season. I am quite the angelic student, non?

Read enamored as a girlish crush on Olivia’s style. I don’t quite care for her, per say, especially with her manipulative and snobbish ways working for Elle. Working for Elle magazine is no right of hers – it is a privilege! Yet as much as I despise that attitude she possesses, I cannot help but adore her for her immaculately impeccable style. Never a hair out of place, Louboutin-red nails polished to perfection, and always a fresh face forward.

Well her hair is a little too put together for my taste – only simply because perfection to a t often seems a bit contrived, and when so meticulously curled with an incredible power outfit, the effect is overkill. Effortlessness darlings! And balance! I sometimes have the urge to muss her hair up just a tad…

But back to her style and makeup. (I digress much too often.) I love that her face is always fresh and glowing with dewiness – a thick line of black liquid liner (sans the wing), long (but not voluminous!) lashes, dewy peachy-pink cheeks (looks like Springsheen blusher by MAC), and a natural gloss shows that minimal is more when it comes to everyday looks.

Every outfit Miss Palermo has ever worn needs not a description; they are self-explanatory. I love her mixing and matching of pieces – unexpected ensembles that produce an air of unpretentious sophistication. I love that it isn’t too matchy-matchy (which I have a tendency to do), and it combines classics with the trendy, and affordable with the luxurious.

I suppose I strive for that. And to own everything in her closet.


La C.

P.S.: Maintenant, I’ve been craving for a faux fur vest of sorts! My hunt for one last night was rather unsuccessful – too furry, too big, too scary, too Where the Wild Things Are… Suggestions?

P.P.S: I failed to mention her penchant for picking out the perfect accessories.