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a one year celebration // giveaway!

25 July 2009


July 25th.

C’est l’anniversaire de La Couturier!

It has been a year – a good year – since my first post. I had begun with no readers, simply writing to myself and for myself, and somehow gained a rather good number of followers. The number of comments and emails I receive, though hardly comparable to those of Karla’s Closet or Fashion Toast, still make me quite proud – to think that there are actually those who read my humble little blog and continue to return will never fail to astonish me. I must say that this blog has opened so many opportunities for me, from my internship at Dujour Magazine, to meeting amazing, fashion-obsessed girls like myself, and being exposed to the fabulousness of this blogosphere.

Herein I officially proclaim myself as a  blogette, obsessed with blogs and blogging.

And everyday I am reminded of why I started this blog in the first place; my sole purpose in creating La Couturier extends beyond my passion for fashion and writing. I have always sought to inspire in some way or another. And whether or not I have done so I will never know for sure, but the immeasurable love, through comments and emails alike, is more than enough for me. Je t’aime tous!

I can only wish to continue, to improve, to inspire. So here, in La Couturier, I’ve poured by inspirations, my loves, and my dreams.

Feel free to dream along.

the 1st giveaway. [CLOSED]

And in celebration of an entire year of blogging (and many more to come, I hope), I’ve teamed up with Chickdowntown to present (drum roll, s’il vous plaît) the first giveaway contest! I’ve loved Chickdowntown for quite some time now, admiring and coveting pieces lovely sandals by Mystique and floral printed rompers from Yumi Kim. And yes, this admiration goes as far as following the boutique’s founder Amy on Twitter and on Facebook. Oui, I am a self-professed fan.

I am uninhibitedly in love with denim – I own quite a few pairs, with about two in each wash since I do wear them rather religiously. Denim pants have always stood for that carefree, rugged sexiness – masculine meets femininity – and versatility: qualities of which I value highly in clothing. For decades now the jean has become symbolic and ubiquitous, which would indeed make perfect sense for me to choose the highly coveted CURRENT/ELLIOTT “the Legging” Denim Skinny in black!

Why wouldn’t you want a pair? After all, black is a versatile color (you know I love my black!). And this particular style has been known to do miraculous deeds for the woman: elongating and slimming the legs – hurrah!

Chickdowntown Givewaway

**how to enter: please read!**

  • A L L readers can enter (if you so choose to, that is!): U.S. & International readers welcome! (:
  • Leave your EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment! It is imperative; I do need to contact you, if you should be the lucky winner!
  • Do tell your SIZE (for availability purposes; measure your natural waist for a proper fit & compare with the size chart)
  • HOW WOULD YOU WEAR IT? Comment by writing your own PETITE NOVELLA! (or, if you’re pressed for time, simply DESCRIBE THE OUTFIT. Be creative; write whatever you’d like, in whatever length, etc. How would you wear these jeans? Describe the outfit & where you would wear it. (A petite novella is simply a piece of fashion fiction.)

The contest ends Aug. 1, 2009 (11:59 pm); my favorite answer will be the winner of the Chickdowntown giveaway! I’ll be adding a few goodies in addition (did someone say Chanel nail lacquer? Oui!) You darlings have a week to enter, so get started! I am quite excited to read your lovely stories!


La C.

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  1. 25 July 2009 12:22 am

    Happy Blog-Birthday!
    Lucy =)

  2. 25 July 2009 12:37 am

    OH gawd..this is awesome!! The jeans are soooo nice!! Happy birthday to our blog~~~ I’m totally down for trying out for this giveaway….*v*
    Will be a busy bee figuring out what to write for this…;D

    E> An

  3. 25 July 2009 2:45 am

    Happy Anniversary !!!
    Solely fab, fab, fabulous Denim skinnies, now if only I could write a petite novella
    like you – wouldn’t that be FABULOUS ! ! !


  4. 25 July 2009 3:00 am

    Happy one year, darling! Great giveaway. Here’s my submission:

    Dress You Up In My Love

    Claudette was always known for her mousey ways. Her flaxen hair hung haphazardly down to the middle of her back, tousled and uncombed. Her wide green eyes always sparkled; and her skin shone despite her lack of make-up. She was a natural beauty, yet never knew it. She knew one thing, however…oui, the meek mademoiselle knew style. She ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and while she kept to herself, quieting her voice, she let her ensembles speak volumes. On that particular morning, Claudette couldn’t help but want to feel loved. The brisk air nipped at her skin, turning her cheeks pink. She knew that the chill in the air would remain all day. She pulled a white Alexander Wang Mini Pocket Tank from her closet, slipping it on over her head, and allowing it to flow over her lithe frame. The sleeveless style would accommodate the gray Silence & Noise Stitch Detail Cocoon Cardigan she slipped on next. Her mood was gloomy, synonymous with the weather; thus, the colors draped over her body should be, as well. The gray and white upper would look spectacular with the Current/Elliott “the Legging” Denim Skinny in Black, which she quickly tugged over her legs, covering the goose pimples spotting her pale flesh. Having just painted Chanel Nail Lacquer in Rouge Noir No. 18 upon her nails, she opted to slip her feet into Miss Sixty winter white Peep-Toe Oxfords to draw attention to her pretty pedicure. A CC Skye Woven Black Leather Chain Bangle in Silver hanging loosely from her right wrist; a Roberto Cavalli Silver-Tone Crystal-Embellished Ring glittering from her left index finger; a black Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag swinging from the crook of her left arm. Yes, she was ready. Ready to face the outside world; the classrooms and corridors; and her many admirers.

    E-mail Address:

    Size: 27

  5. 25 July 2009 5:51 am

    Can’t wait to do this! The giveaway is amazing darling, the winner will be unbelievably lucky! Happy blog anniversary as well, your blog was amazing from start to now:) You have inspired me in so many ways!

  6. 25 July 2009 7:08 am

    Très joyeux anniversaire et tous mes vœux pour l’année à venir. Longue vie à La Couturier !

  7. 25 July 2009 9:33 am

    Congrats! Love the idea of the giveaway; writing a petite novella :). I will try to make one later this week, but i know it is going to be hard for my :P, my english skills are horrible.

  8. 25 July 2009 11:28 am

    One YEAR! Congratulations on perservering 365 days on the internet. You’re blog has inspired me to attempt to be a better writer and to find my own blogging voice as you so have done!

    You know how much I adore your blog, I hope to be reading about your sophmore year in another 365 days!


  9. 25 July 2009 12:18 pm

    Congratulations Honey! U are the best!


  10. 25 July 2009 1:12 pm

    Congrats and happy anniversary! I might come back with my entry…:)

  11. 25 July 2009 1:14 pm

    Happy Blog-Birthday La C! That’s a year’s worth of inspiration from you.. and Im definitely looking forward to more. 🙂 I would love to join this giveaway.. as well as a chance to get my creative juices flowing with writing a petite novella.. but im quite blocked at the moment.. hehe.. I shall return. Oh yes.



  12. 25 July 2009 1:25 pm

    oh what a wonderful giveaway. congrat on the one year anniversary. i love your blog.

  13. 25 July 2009 1:59 pm

    Thanks for reading la vie…j’aime and telling me about your contest! I must rack my brain now….and send my petit novella early next week!

    Happy weekend! 🙂

  14. 25 July 2009 2:03 pm

    Happy Anniversary, darling!

    Those jeans are spectacular – I would wear them with my new blue suede Chloe booties and Alexander Wang tee dress out for cocktails with my sister!


  15. 25 July 2009 2:37 pm

    Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Otherwise I wouldn’t know of your give-a-way. I definitely will enter!


  16. thebaglady permalink
    25 July 2009 3:09 pm

    And let’s hope for many, many more! You really are SO talented but you’re either too modest or don’t realize it. You’re so inspirational, and you will go SO far in this world!

    AND hurrah, giveaways!! Mine will be quite terrible – I’m not a good writer like you are!

    Size: 27

    Carolina pulled on her lucky jeans today: the Current/Elliott leggings in black showed off her long legs amazingly. They were the pants she wore when she got her first job as an assistant for one of the greatest fashion photographers. They were the pants she wore when she scored the last limited edition Louboutins in her size. And she would where them on her interview for Vogue.

    She would wear them with classic things: black Jimmy Choo stilettos, a Donna Karan oversized blazer, and a Kain tank. Carolina piled on her jewelry. They expressed her personality, she thought. A YSL gold ring with blue stone brought out her blue eyes.

    She grabbed her portfolio and called a cab!

  17. Heather S permalink
    25 July 2009 3:14 pm

    “As I have a dream worthy date coming up with an even more dream worthy guy, I would be silly to not don these curve hugging jeans. While dancing to “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne I would slip these lovelies on along with my vintage 40s platform pumps, Christian Cota top, + Hugo blazer. A whip of my hair, a little blush, lip gloss, + mascara, + I’m off! Lookout mister sweet talk’n son-of-a-gun!”

  18. 25 July 2009 3:20 pm

    Congrats! A whole years work of fabulous posts! And I must say this is such an original idea for a contest! I’ll post my entry soon!


  19. kristine permalink
    25 July 2009 3:41 pm

    and i’m hoping that you never stop. you’re amazing. an amazing stylist, an amazing person, so inspirational, so down to earth, and so beautiful inside & out (thank you for that really touching email; you made my day A MILLION TIMES BETTER). i wouldnt be surprised if you got hired right now by vogue! or elle. i mean. haha =)

    i love the idea you have, as always, its so unique!

    size: 26, 27 depending on the pants?
    mah emailllll: you know it!

    mah petite novella that will never be as good as yours everrr. and it’s pretty personal, so yeah.

    i was always the oddball, the one who was never popular, the one who got laughed at because of my clothes. i wore hand me downs when vintage wasn’t cool yet, and it didn’t help that they were mostly boy’s clothes because i only had older brothers. i hated going to school, i hated how i looked, and i hated how i dressed like a scrawny boy.

    but then when i got into high school i started reading lots of blogs or old magazines at dr’s offices. i wanted so much to be just like them, but i couldn’t afford any of it. then i got into diy-ing & stuff! i was still different, ppl still laughed at what i wore, but I LOVED IT. along came your blog, and your “how to be fabulous” entry was so inspiring. since then, i’ve imagined outfits that you’ve concocted or gone thrifting with printouts of style tips & what to wears in hand to find similar things.

    *fast forward to a year later*

    after saving for a couple of years, i had enough money to buy the balenciaga bag of my dreams. in black, because black is chic, and because you’re my role model. and i carried it around with every outfit, including my favorite current/elliott legging jeans in black (lol!). they always made me feel super chic. i loved how versatile they were, how i could wear them with my diy shredded tees, or dress it up with a boy’s blazer, or with a diy off-the-shoulder top for more girly looks. i wore it with everything i own. and it always reminded me of one of my greatest inspirations & favorite bloggers/writers/future editor.

    (i hope that doesn’t sound creepy…)

  20. 25 July 2009 4:39 pm

    Happy Bday!! :)) Even im here the first time, your blog seems really very cool and informative ! 🙂 Congrats! :)))

  21. 25 July 2009 4:58 pm

    congrats on 1 year! and yay for the giveaway! those jeans would be perfect this fall.

  22. 25 July 2009 5:03 pm

    ‘Bye!’. He shouted after her, but she was already out the door, running to hail a taxi. This wasn’t easy seeing as she was wearing 5 inch Louboutins.

    No matter what rush Jade was in, she always made sure she left the house looking good. Today this meant her fabulous new Current/Elliott jeans, a loose fitting white tee covered by a black blazer hanging open casually and her beloved Christian Louboutin black jazz pumps. As for jewellery, today she was wearing a multi chain necklace and a simple yet extravagant cocktail ring with a black stone set in sterling silver. Her favourite one to be precise.

    Jade was on her way to the Badgley Mischka show at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Due to the stress of finding the perfect outfit(even though she ended up wearing that which she had picked out days ago..) she was behind schedule. By precisely 5 minutes. It seemed to big a risk not to rush, Jade didn’t want to miss even a second of the show.

    Finally, Jade made, it in time ,it to the show. The Badgley Mischka show turned out to be simply dazzling. The detailing in the garnments, the flowing fabrics of the dresses, it was beautiful. She would have plenty to write about in her report for Elle magazine.

    For good measure I’ve added a polyvore:

    Great contest C!

  23. 25 July 2009 5:07 pm


    My size is 29, and email:😉


  24. 25 July 2009 5:17 pm

    Congratulations on a year of blogging.

    I will have to get my thinking cap on before the week is out…


  25. 25 July 2009 5:18 pm

    Happy “Blog” birthday to you… Happy “Blog” birthday to youuuu…

    Wanted to drop you already a short line! So sweet you do the giveaway!!!!
    Can I write in German ;)))

    Once upon a time…. ok, that´s in English…

    Wishing you a relaxing weekend with a huuuuge birthday cake!!!!
    Beautiful Blessings to youuuuu,

  26. 25 July 2009 5:30 pm

    Omg, what a day I had today. Where do I begin?
    The washing machine had a slow leak, but worked perfectly well, so I didn’t know until the water had trickled past my hi-fi set, shorting it out. It went spectacularly, with a long crackle noise, and a big BOOM, thus setting my living room on fire. I grabbed the baby and ran to the neighbor’s house to call the fire dept. They arrived in record time and broke every window on the lower level, even though the door was unlocked and wide open. My living room now looks like a water logged barbecue pit. As the fire men were leaving, one of them, obviously taken by the way I still managed to look so good in my Current/Elliott skinny black jeans, slipped me his phone number. Even though I was exhausted and confused as to what my next step would be, I was a little elated. As I passed a window and caught my reflection, I realized that my hair resembled a sea gull’s nest, my shirt had baby spit up on it, my make-up resembled something out of a bad Alice Cooper video, but my jeans were intact. Cheeky fireman.

  27. 25 July 2009 5:46 pm

    P.S. My email is dyejobslye at hotmail dot com. I have a 37 hip and a 29 waist, whatever size that is.
    I was wondering if baby spit up qualifies as part of the outfit.

  28. abdcforever permalink
    25 July 2009 7:15 pm

    size 25
    email @

    i slid into my limited edition nike low dunks in neon pink, green, yellow, blue, and silver sent in from japan. i tied the laces tight to prevent them from undoing itself. ribbed white wifebeater, and an adidas track jacket rolled up at the elbows. the current elliott black legging skinnies were the perfect pants. they allowed enough stretch for dance, but still was chic & perfect for walking around. i knew i was more than ready for this. my hair was perfectly straightened for the biggest night of my life.

    the streets.

    i showed up, alone, without a crew, bouncing to the beats a bit. you technically weren’t supposed to go unless u had a crew, but i was gonna pull it off. i slid a paper to the dj, he looked at me quizzically and winked. only if i gave him my number. i rolled my eyes and then my song came on.

    and that’s when i slid, knees first, surprising the crowd. i danced my heart out.

    (i know u luv dance so i hope u liked my step up 2 reference!)

  29. 25 July 2009 7:44 pm

    Yay…. Congratulations!!!!
    Those jeans are fantastic, I would love to wear them with my favorite black Kors booties, a simple Autumn Cashmere v-neck black sweater; black and white stripe Club Monaco cashmere scarf; topped off with my all time favorite Mackage leather jacket… and Gustto purse. Simple and perfect for fall season 🙂

    I have my fingers crossed 😛

  30. 25 July 2009 8:03 pm

    Hello there! Wow…congratulations on the blog’s birthday! What a way to celebrate…a creative contest! Let’s see if I can come up with anything decent.

  31. 25 July 2009 10:05 pm

    Hi Darlin’!! congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I for one am so glad to count you as one of my fave bloggers! and if you want to know if you are inspiring anyone, I am here to say that you absolutely are!

    Ok, I’d like to use my imagination for this one, he-he: If I were to win these jeans I’d be wearing the black Current/Elliott jeans to a fabulous party thrown in my honor for winning the contest. The suare would be hosted by La C. and designers Emily Current and Merritt Elliott somewhere in New Jersey, because its close to both where La C. and I live (lol) bustling Hoboken perhaps? At sunset on a rooftop maybe? Guest list would include a ton of awesome bloggers. I’d roll up in a red Porsche to the red carpet where I would step out in my new Current/Elliot black jeans, the fw09 biker Balmain jacket I have my eye on, a DIY spiked lace bustier that I’d make specifically for that night and my 6 inch stiletto YSL Trib booties which I would trip over, fall and bang up my knee while exiting the Porsche therefore causing a cool rip on the knee that would make my Current/Elliott jeans even more special and provide me with a wicked story to tell….One can’t dream can’t they 🙂

    size: 28

  32. 25 July 2009 10:30 pm

    What a fun giveaway! The jeans are fabulous! Here is my entry:

    Even with a mere glance at Clara, one could tell she was different. She possessed a unique air about her, drawing all eyes toward her, and she was poised, elegant, and modest. Above all, however, she was a mystery. People tried to learn her secret through imitation, but they always failed. Clara was truly one of a kind. Her hair was golden blonde, pin straight, and cut in a long, choppy bob, and her fingernails dripped in expensive and luxurious polish as she drummed them on her desk, fraught with boredom. Her clothes always fit with meticulous perfection … indeed, many girls went green with envy when they met her. None of them knew Clara’s secret though, and she fully intended to keep it that way. But she certainly provoked much speculation, and her towering Louboutins did not help tone down the tangibility of her presence. Whenever she crossed the glistening, polished lobby of her Manhattan office building, she walked with a self-assurance one could only have acquired through years as a runway model. Her black Current/Elliot jeans fit her like a second skin – echoing her every move, in sync with her body – and her chic, white, long-sleeved button-down, a Clara trademark, was as crisp and unwrinkled as if it had come straight from the cleaner’s. Under her right arm a mauve, studded Miu Miu clutch was happily nestled, it’s satisfied belly stuffed with an endless array of credit cards. From the corner of her eye, Clara saw a young and eager magazine intern, decked out in trendy jeans, designer lip gloss, and sky-high heels, staring at her with obvious amazement. Clara smiled to herself, ever so slightly, her pretty nude lips turning up at the corners by the tiniest degree, because she knew the secret that the naïve intern would never discover. Clara’s secret was confidence.

    And a visual:

    Good luck to all the other entrants!

  33. 25 July 2009 10:31 pm

    Oh, and my email is:
    Jean size: 26

  34. 25 July 2009 10:47 pm

    Happy Anniversary! Haha I just had mine a few weeks ago =)
    Okay, here’s my story, apologies if it’s too long or too whatever.

    Audrey stood in the cluttered bedroom, unsure of what to do as Sid threw clothes around, searching for a proper outfit. “You look far too prep school right now,” Sid said, her British accent thick. “We need to toughen you up and grunge you down.”
    “What?” Audrey looked uncertainly at her tan skirt and ruffled blouse.
    “Your wanker down there is too busy playing video games to notice you right now,” Sid said, pulling out random articles of clothing and throwing them onto her bed. “We’ve got to shock him.” She spread the clothes out. “Here put this on.” Sid promptly left the room, leaving her to look at her new outfit with uncertainty.
    Audrey ventured over to the bed and looked down at the clothes. She had never been one to wear anything but skirts and ruffles and flats, and yet here in front of her was so far out of her comfort zone, she was sure she’d look ridiculous. Those black skinny jeans were certainly not going to fit her or even look remotely attractive, and did that shirt have rips in it?
    As though sensing her hesitance, Sid called through the door, “Just try it on already, yeah!”
    “Well, it can’t really hurt any to just see,” Audrey muttered. She stepped out of her black flats, placing them carefully to the side. Then she slid out of her outfit and picked up the shirt. It was a plain, thin white tank, but there were tears and rips throughout the front. She put it on quickly and straightened out. Then she looked at the jewelry lying next to it, a thick, black necklace with a heavy cross at the end. After putting that on, she stared at the black jeans.
    She wasn’t a pant person. Not at all. She owned maybe one pair. She hated how the felt on her. She sighed. Sid would somehow force her into them anyway. Audrey took the pants and slid them on, pulling them up slowly. Surprisingly they buttoned. She turned in the mirror to see what it all looked like together.
    It looked…. good. She looked to the bed and found black, studded stilettos. Slipping them on (they were only half a size too big), she suddenly felt different. She didn’t feel like the preppy girlfriend anymore. She walked over to the bureau and pulled out her headband, shaking out her hair from the pins that held it back. She found some black liner and mascara and began lining her eyes a bit thickly.
    By the time Sid was finally allowed back in the room, “the preppy Yank” was gone. She smiled with approval.

    **Okay and I think I might be the 31? I got really confused with the sizing, but my waist is a 30-31 (I know really disproportionate!).

  35. Tiffany permalink
    26 July 2009 12:27 am

    Her pitch black skinnies complemented her torso dripping with lace, the language of a french ingenue. She has always been a dancer of thought and a faraway dreamer of sorts. Shifting position in a wooden seat perched precariously upon the edge of the , a faraway love speaks promises to her heart, a listless symphonic number playing games with the pearls strewn about her her neck, nothing but a lingering memory. Elegance never chokes as tears befall her countenance traveling idly pass her lips an area to which has known no secrets of a midnight embrace only to end atop her patent heels. They lack reflection but from the light in her eyes. She wiped them away with the warmth of her fingertips painted in five lustful layers of Chanel fire engine red and there she sat, in remembrance of him, in his frozen memory, in her black veiled lace gracing her night strewn skinnies.


    size 8

  36. Tiffany permalink
    26 July 2009 12:31 am

    2009 JULY 26
    Tiffany PERMALINK
    Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Her pitch black skinnies complemented her torso dripping with lace, the language of a french ingenue. She has always been a dancer of thought and a faraway dreamer of sorts. Shifting position in a wooden seat perched precariously upon the edge of the Parisian street, a faraway love speaks promises to her heart, a listless symphonic number playing games with the pearls strewn about her her neck, nothing but a lingering memory. Elegance never chokes as tears befall her countenance traveling idly pass her lips an area to which has known no secrets of a midnight embrace only to end atop her patent heels. They lack reflection but from the light in her eyes. She wiped them away with the warmth of her fingertips painted in five lustful layers of Chanel fire engine red and there she sat, in remembrance of him, in his frozen memory, in her black veiled lace gracing her night strewn skinnies.


    size 8

  37. 26 July 2009 12:43 am

    Congratulations on one year!! And what a wonderful giveaway!

    Annndd, here is my little novella! :

    “Oh no, it’s 6 o’clock already”, I thought. I run through the door into my apartment. “Taylor’s supposed to pick me up in 20 minutes! Shoot!”
    I run into the door, take a super fast shower, the whole time wracking my brain for what I should wear on my second date with Taylor, basically the most perfect guy I have ever met in my life. I want to look sexy, but not like I’m trying too hard. What am I going to wear??!!
    I jump out of the shower and start putting on my makeup. Then I head to my closet. The place that normally brings me so much joy is now the bane of my existence! I begin pulling things out: dresses, blouses, skirts…but NOTHING is right. I look at the clock. It reads 6:23. Shoot, 7 minutes.
    Then I spot them. My Current/Elliott Denim Skinny Jean in Black. Those were the jeans that Taylor first saw me in. They were the jeans that got me the date. Do you think he’ll notice if I wear them again?
    I decide to take a chance. I slip them on and they fit me like a second skin, and boy do I look HOT. It’s amazing how these jeans make me look and feel. I slip on a basic grey tank and slide on some black heels. There we go! Sleek and sexy.
    Right on cue, the doorbell rings. I grab my purse and run to the door. I open it up.
    “Wow, you look incredible”, Taylor says, obviously impressed. He kisses me on the cheek and I smile. “He didn’t even realize”, I thought. Oh, the power of the jeans. 🙂


    My email is and I would need a size 28. Thanks so much and I really hope I win so that maybe this scenario will happen! 🙂

  38. 26 July 2009 12:54 am

    Hey love,

    I featured you and did a faux entry on my website. It was a whole lot of fun!
    Hope you enjoy it as much as i did ❤

    tell me what you think!


  39. 26 July 2009 1:13 am

    Happy Blogoversary!!!!
    This is my first visit and I love your site. Very chic.
    The above entries are fabulous. I especially LOVE Diane’s with the cheeky fireman 🙂
    I’ll be back again soon. Nice to meet you

  40. 26 July 2009 1:20 am

    Happy Anniversary darling! Mine is this month as well and I am STILL working on a give away – LOL. Okay…

    It’s a super lazy-hazy Sunday in Midtown. The guy I’ve been chatting with online, for the past week or so, sends me a spontaneous text that he’s in the city. He wants to meet for amuses-bouche and double expresso @ Bar Artisanal. I’m completely caught off guard AND still have yet to take pups for a walk.

    I text guy back ‘Ah, sure I’ll meet you there in 30 mins.’ JUST enough time to (speed) walk the pups, get back to my apt, & throw on my go to Lazy-Chic Brunch Outy: Current/Elliott “the Legging” Denim Skinny in Black, silk halter top in asphalt, Tashkent by Cheyenne
    Grey suede ‘Colette’ ankle boots & Anya Hindmarch Clutch.

    Oh, and can’t forget my turquoise Stephen Dweck ring for a shot of color (or for protection just in case…I kid!).

    Just hope brunch with guy is as delicious as my outfit.

    MG ;->
    Size – 28

  41. 26 July 2009 3:10 am

    Congratulations love! One year is amazing! Here’s to many more fabulous years to come! It was really cool to read so many creative entries which means I’ve gotta take sometime to come up with something good! I’ll be back with a story 🙂 xxoxoxoxxo

  42. Kat permalink
    26 July 2009 5:30 am

    As it is, congratulations on your birthday! Ahh, that is quite the magnificent pair of pants. *sigh.*
    “The Young Executive”

    She was twenty-five years old and was already head of an ultra-successful international corporation. In her opinion, this position entailed looking sophisticated but simple at all times, hence her fabulous black Current/Elliot skinnies, matched with a pair of black Louboutin ankle boots and a fresh white James Perse cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The stacked gold bangles on her wrist tinkled pleasantly as she pushed her sunglasses up her head, and she took fast, sure steps towards the room where the business meeting with the marketing director would be held. Her Chanel Midnight Red-painted nails tipped a tall Starbucks latte towards her glossy lips, downing the last bits of caffeine, and then tossing the cup into the trash bin. She took a minute to run her fingers through her dark locks and smooth out the nonexistent wrinkles in her clothes before entering. As she glided into the room with a confident smile, she looked like she could take over the world.
    Size: 28

  43. 26 July 2009 8:17 am

    FINALLY a giveaway for international readers! Woot woot.
    And happy fblog b’day, girly!

    She rushed around frantically, tense beyond the meaning of the word. She needed a pair of those divine jeans for that brunch date with the girls. Stella will be there, she thought to herself. That cow. Stella and her perfect, uber blonde, 5 feet 7 inch, size 2, decked in Prada self. I have to show her how Fab I can be.
    She glances at her aching feet. Her 4 inch Tory Burch ankle boots were not exactly running shoes.
    There! She saw them lying, innocently folded on a rack by the door. She lunged, her tulip nude manicured nails grabbing them. “YES!”
    A few hours later, she was burshing on some eyeshadow in pale lavender minerals and pulling on her decadent skinnies. She walked into the posh outdoor restaurant, The Ivy, reminiscent of a Parisian cafe. There was Stella. In her stuffy pink Philip Lim dress. And here I was, in my gorgeous skinnies, a chic, well-fitted blazer, skyscraper Louboutins I’d snagged from a friend who worked for the label and a gorgeous bracelet. The look on her face, priceless.
    As I talked with my friends animatedly , I could see her glancing at my fail-proof, drool-worthy attire and practically gaping at my new-found fabulosity (I invent words too).
    She looked uncomfortable through most of the afternoon and finally, left a half hour too early making some random, lame excuse. My girlfriends lauded me on looking like the bomb and finally showing her off.
    That was a day to remember.
    Hope to win, love your blog! XO

    My waist size is 28cm and my email is


  44. 26 July 2009 8:41 am

    A petite novella called ‘a new definition of LBD’


    Ophelia, that’s her name. She has long black hair and glittering eyes. She looks mysterious and pure at the same time. Ophelia stands out because her simplicity. Everybody will look at her when she is passing by.

    Ophelia is the founder of a new definition of ‘LBD’. Everybody knows that LBD stands for little black dress, but for Ophelia LBD has another meaning. LBD means Little Black Denim. The function of both LBDs is actually the same; one piece, two different occasions, two different outfits.

    At day Ophelia wears her current/elliot denim legging with a plain white T. Comfortable is important for her, so she wears her outfit with marc jacobs flats. She could walk through Paris all day long on her flats. The weather in Europe is so unpredictable, that’s why Ophelia always take her floppy hat with her. When the sun shines, she could protect her skin and hair with it. When it rains, her hair won’t get wet. When she isn’t wearing the hat, she puts it in her precious Chanel 2.55 bag. If it gets chilly she will wear her balmain jacket. She walks through Paris and captures every moment she loves by taking pictures. And when she walks by, you could smell a whiff of chanel mademoiselle.

    At night she would change her perfume into chanel Chance. She wears it with smokey eyes and nude lips. Simplicity turns into Diva, but still mysterious. Of course she is still wearing her current/elliot denim legging, it’s comfortable and easy to mix and match. She only changed her accessories and top. Ophelia goes to the ‘le baron’ club wearing a vintage glittertop from YSL and a pair of killing high heels, Jill Sander d’orsay. In her hand, she is holding a clutch. It’s a Corto Moltedo clutch, special made for her. You could see a ring on her finger, it’s a YSL-cocktailring. She is on the dancefloor with her friends. Ophelia looks fabulous but that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing for her is…..enjoying her life…no matter what.

    My email:

  45. 26 July 2009 8:42 am

    sorry, forgot to tell my size. My size: 26

  46. 26 July 2009 1:17 pm

    Yay for one year! I just passed one year a week ago, but I was out of town and forgot to mention it. Perhaps I will do a belated anniversary post soon.


  47. 26 July 2009 2:02 pm

    Oh, I would loe to enter this give away, but I´m soooo bad at writing….

  48. 26 July 2009 2:05 pm

    Great giveaway! Hmm I’m usually a 26 in jeans. I’d wear these with my new blue suede silver-studded flats, a loose gray tank, a cameo pendant on a long brass chain, and my jumbo black Chanel 2.55.

  49. 26 July 2009 4:20 pm

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! What an awesome giveaway!

    I shall return soon & share my petit novella!


  50. 26 July 2009 4:42 pm

    Congrats to the blog’s birthday!

  51. 26 July 2009 4:42 pm

    Congratualtions, hmmmm i would love those jeans! My character Rose, would wear her black jeans with powder pink lipstick little cardignas and flats. She would carry her tote around all day, inside her tote was another outfit. After work she would take off her cardigan and flats and put on a dior pinkl bustier adn rose coloured heels and hit the night life.

    My email is\

  52. Clare permalink
    26 July 2009 5:44 pm

    happy blog birthday la.C! I love your gorgeous blog! I am super exciting about this giveaway! It is delightful! Okay here is my petite novella:

    She was always late for dates with Elliot. She found herself in a typical tableau of Sunday mornings: frantically sipping coffee to nurse the minor hangover she acquired from one too many chocolate martini’s, slathering eye cream on in an effort to look awake, and constantly glancing at her Bulgari wrist watch and cursing the constant migration of the second hand; spinning dangerously close to 11:30.

    She thought of Elliot, pacing back in forth in front of Public, their favorite brunch spot. He always looked so breathtakingly adorable when he furrowed his brow in irritation. She took another sip of her black , overly sweetened coffee and gazed at her newly remodeled closet. She took a moment to enjoy the beauty of the new structure that could easily have been a third bedroom. After all, she hadn’t worked 12-hour days for nothing.

    Today, however, there was no time for self-admiration. She was on a quest. She needed those jeans… the black ones that looked like leggings. They always made Elliot stare at her like they were meeting for the first time. On her way to the back of the closet she pulled on a sheer American Apparel, oversized white top. It scooped in the back in a sexy but subtle fashion. Though no one would see the adorable detail under her mother’s vintage blazer she had begged for last Thanksgiving. She rolled up the lightweight cotton sleeves so they displayed the beautiful, patterned silk that lined the inside. It truly was an exquisite jacket. Though nothing quite came close to those jeans. Current/Elliot… that’s who they were by! Ahhh, they were quite divine. Perfect for a brunch with her favorite man.

    Another watch check… 11:04. She prayed the NRW wouldn’t be delayed. She spied the jeans where she had left them and thanked her maker for giving her unparalleled organization. She slipped on her Italian, peep-toe, calf hair ballet flats from J. Crew that showcased her new Chanel nail lacquer. Then found those cheap sunglasses from Forever 21 that she would probably break by the end of the day and tossed them into her brown, alligator Birkin Bag; a gift her grandmother had given her at her and Elliot’s engagement party.

    Watch check… 11:26. Blast! She was always late.

    Size: 26

    Cheers, dahlin!

  53. Ayla permalink
    26 July 2009 5:52 pm

    Congrats with your one year anniversary! it’s such a accomplishment in my eyes because I am easily distracted haha.
    I hope to see many more because I-we all- adore your blog.

    My entry:

    The first beams of sunlight slid over my face as the rising sun announced a new day.
    I groaned and twisted in my bed before I cautiously opened one eye and checked the date on my elaborate alarm clock.

    It had been 3 weeks, three weeks already.

    Pain stabbed my chest and I rolled over to see her bed, neatly made in the morning light.
    Tears welled up and I pushed away my covers before dragging myself to the bathroom where I met my hazel eyes in the mirror.

    She had always been the better half of me, the morning person, the tidy, the positive, the caring.

    My sister, my twin sister

    I stepped in the shower and let the warm water wet my tousled curls and thought about her last day, I just wish I had known about her brakes, she knew but she was an optimist, a reckless optimist.

    I can still remember her getting into that car, a collection of several thin bracelets sliding down her arm as she raised her hand in a silent, widely smiling goodbye.

    Her long, grey, drapery cardigan, pushed up at the elbows fluttered behind her as she put her first leg, clad in black skinny denim pants and grey brown Chloe lace up oxfords in the car.

    Her glittering hazel eyes, carefully lined with black liner and a dash of intense smoky chocolate eye shadow, flickered over for a last look and smile before she turned her head full of immaculately pinned up curls and drove off.

    Before stepping out of the shower I turned the knob and enjoyed the last the drops.
    I stepped back into my room and walked to my closet to retrieve my underwear, I settled for black lace that covered my skin in intricate patterns.
    Sliding a long, loose, deep grey low cut v-neck over my body, I turned back to the other side of the room, her side of the room.

    They were still there, her clothes, THE clothes she wore on her last day.
    I walked over and laid my hand on the soft cardigan, feeling the fabric below my hands until her jeans caught my eye, “The Legging” skinny black jeans.

    She wore them constantly and when she did her step had an extra bounce, her laugh a longer ring.

    They made her feel good, she claimed.
    I grabbed my sister’s pants by the waist and slid them on, the black fabric caressing my legs on the way up.

    After fastening the strap on my Centaur ankle boots I stood up and walked over to the full length mirror in our room.
    With my eyes set on my jeans clad legs, I pushed my sleeves past my elbows and pinned up my hair.

    A soft smile spread across my lips and my eyes filled with tears that I quickly blinked away.

    They might not make me laugh or have an extra bounce in my step.

    But thanks to her, these jeans will always make me feel good.

    Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

    and I’m a size 8, I think, I am going to have to remeasure myself but last time I checked I was.


  54. 26 July 2009 8:04 pm

    Hej, what a fabulous giveaway! I cannot help but enter!Here is my submission::

    A soft spring breeze blew up a cobble stone path and caused a window to gently close in a mid city apartment. The noise echoed through the apartment blowing past an arrangement of roses that sat on an ancient antique table and caused a cat to stir awake and jump upon Anouk. The young lady stumbled out of bed still half asleep and started her beauty ritual that her great grandmother had created and in turn blessed generations of woman to come and made herself jasmine green tea in her favorite porcelain teacup and saucer, with that done she sat herself in front of her dressing table that was placed in her luxurious boudoir.

    She was a beautiful young lady; large, dreamy, yet intense hazel eyes were her centre piece, a perfect button nose followed with bee stung pink lips. Her skin was porcelain and pink cheeks perfected her and light brown hair pinned back finished her off. She finished coating her lushes lashes and applied a coat of rose taffy lipstick and put on her pearls then she walked to her wardrobe.

    Anouk was on of those girls who were always immaculate and beautiful. She had perfected the art of pure femininity and was chic yet effortless. There was one thing she had not yet mastered, maybe it was lacking confidence, she had never worn jeans. She looked in her wardrobe, she wanted a change and she knew what the change should be. She hesitated as she lifted her new jeans that still lay in their bag, they were soft and perfect and she slid them on her like a glove. The jeans complimented her figure perfectly but could she still be feminine she thought. In a whirlwind of beautiful clothes throwing she found the perfect top for these jeans, a soft violet cashmere jumper with a low v neck, it hung loosely to her body. She put her dainty foot into a pair of Christian Louboutin ‘marcia balla’ kitten heels and slung her soft pink chanel 2.55 over her shoulder.

    Before running out her house for an afternoon lunch with her future true love she showered herself in Guerlain Apres L’Ondee, she hopped out the elevator, the doorman in green opened the door for Anouk and she graciously accepted, she skipped down the cobblestone path with her heels tapping the floor in rhythm and her pearl chains clinking together, followed by a trail of sweet perfume and that soft spring breeze that brought her love.

    my email address is:

  55. anonymous, please permalink
    26 July 2009 8:33 pm

    you don’t know if you’ve inspired your readers or not? HELLZ YES YOU HAVE! =) Happy blog-versary! I’m so glad you started this magazine-like, delicious goodness for us. you spoil us all!

    my entry:

    all eyes were on the girl, no matter where she went, eyes looking in admiration, women frowning in jealousy, men staring adoringly. yet regardless of who was looking, they all had eyed her in wonderment, theories popping about as to who she was. a celebrity? a foreign royal’s daughter? she *had* to be somebody; she carried herself so regally in a way even the ancient queens would attempt – but never succeed at imitating. no “regular” girl walked the way she did; hips perfectly swaying in those sky-high YSL trib. pumps in such a way that accentuated her hourglass shape to perfection.

    today it was fully outlined; the current elliott jeans hugged every hip, every curve, every length of her legs in a way that seemed almost divinely – maybe the YSL tribs helped, but again, it was how she carried herself. in her hand was an oversized ps1 clutch in some sort of an exotic; passerbys mumbled curiously as to what she was fumbling for.

    she took out a notebook, a well-loved moleskine, and began to write as she walked. pedestrians peered to see what she scribbled in immaculate script and tried to follow the direction in which her Chanel rounds looked in. finally a curious jogger slowed to a stop, as she had caught his eye from a distance in an off-the-shoulder sweater that clung loosely but sensually against her torso.

    in a scottish accent, he stuttered a bit before extending his hand. “hi, i’m jack. you are…?”

    she smiled coyly and never took the sunglasses off her face. “you can call me lc”.

    i hope you liked it!!!

    size: 26/27?

  56. anonymous, please permalink
    26 July 2009 8:33 pm

    i had loads of fun writing this one, it’s about who i imagine u to be!

  57. 26 July 2009 10:11 pm

    Hey La C. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary of your blog. That’s fantastic. I really enjoy always checking out your blog. It’s so amazing. Have a great week. Cheers!

  58. 26 July 2009 10:24 pm

    Happy Birthday to your blog!!!! WOOT WOOT!
    I am quite busy working on this. Even if I don’t win, just writing the piece is important to me: I love to write and hope to become some sort of writer one day.

  59. 26 July 2009 10:36 pm

    Happy B-day! You’re such a star. Always find you, Ms. La C. so inspiring!

    Here’s to the next year.

    ❤ Kelsey

  60. 27 July 2009 2:11 am

    Happy Blog Bday!!!!! loove the jeans I’m looking for a pair like those to wear with ebellished flat sandals loose white tee and my new gucci bag :))

  61. Ramona permalink
    27 July 2009 8:42 am

    A modern Cinderella Story…

  62. Ramona permalink
    27 July 2009 9:23 am

    A modern Cinderella Story…
    In search of sheer happiness my heart became a battle field.Just like in your case,my heart is split between two passions:fashion and writing.Hmmm and I guess how these Current/Elliott jeans can bring peace…
    Once upon a time a little girl’s mind was fired by the idea of becoming a journalist.The five years old girl with chocolate locks was dreaming about signing hes name with italic characters at the end of each editorial and she was also dreaming that anyone who bought that magazine would browse anxiously the pages to read her awe-inspiring articles.
    Now,fourteen years later a young lady with chocolate locks had an exam in order to be accepted at the best University of Journalism in her country.She hopes that the perfect pair of skinny black jeans that she spotted will bring her luck and she pinky promises(cross her heart,hopes to die) to wear them when she will celebrate her admission at the University.She will go to a chic cafe with her girlfriends to take lunch.Then she will pair her lucky jeans with a R.I.P. YSL black tee,an intense green short-sleeved leather jacket,a pair of killer Louboutin black heels,a huge snakeskin clutch,her gold watch and her dearest round shaped Chanel sunglasses.And later,at midnight her boyfriend will take her out to dinner in a fancy restaurant.Then her Current/Elliott jeans save her again.She matches them with a nude ruflle lace shirt pinned with a petit cameo brooch for a feminin note.Like in a ritual she softly undresses the hanger and she takes her black shoulder-padded blazer(Balmain like,because she’s a real Balmainiac!) that screams ‘look at me’ and definitely everyone will because is her night.Finally,she buckles her lingerie-inspired beige Dior shoes and her boudoir look is finished.Once again she will leave her boyfriend breathless…
    In the Cinderella Story,the shoes worked magic for a simple girl.A shoe brought true love to Cinderella’s life.But in my real world,jeans can do magic.They will bring me one step closer to my highest goal-becoming a fashion journalist.
    ma cherie LaCouturier!

  63. 27 July 2009 9:23 am

    Ayla’s story made me cry, it’s soooo good.

  64. Ramona permalink
    27 July 2009 9:25 am

    ohh sorry,I forgot to give you my size S-M,size 27.

  65. Daphne permalink
    27 July 2009 11:12 am

    Congratulations with your one year anniversary! I adore your blog ❤
    Here's my story, hope you enjoy it.

    The click click of the pencil thin heels of Allie's patent nude Louboutins followed her as she walked across the marble lobby. She was on her way to another go-see. The soft, black leather of her Balenciaga motorcycle bag slouched across her right shoulder, the curve of the bag molding around her side, swinging slightly with each step. This was the bag he gave her, like he gave every single one of his girls, but she didn’t care. Under her other arm, she carried a large dark leather album. Page after page, her life from the past three years are displayed in prints of her smiling, frowning, selling this, selling that. There are pictures of her on top of rigid skyscrapers, perched on ladders, in old castles, in even older fields fenced in with mottled stone, all elusive and mysterious. They are photos of everything she tried to be, but could never be.

    Her outfit was simple, showing off her perfect proportions, those mile long legs that her brother once called “chicken legs.” The Current/Elliot dark legging skinny jeans seemed to stretch them even longer, never ending. And on top, she wore a simple white James Perce v-neck with a sleek black blazer, the sleeves scrunched to just below her elbows. Allie’s tousled chestnut hair ran free, her bangs swept effortlessly to the side. And the only jewelry she wore was a Chanel rose ring on her index finger; she liked to switch between the left and right hands, depending on her mood. The flower winked at the lady at the desk as Allie pulled out her wallet to take out a name card.

    Allie loved her Chanel wallet. She got it after her first photo shoot. She loved the two white interlocking curves at the bottom right corner, fun to trace with fingers on lazy summer afternoons spent inside airplanes. Opening the fold, all her cards align perfectly in designated slots. The picture of her and him smiling looks up with the city skyline shining in the background, protected by its plastic cover. She hated the photo, but he wanted it there. His mouth twisted into the trademark “business casual” smile, eyes mocking the world, flashing his dominance and financial district elitism.

    Under this portrait, peeks out a frayed corner, as if to remind her of its forgotten existence. If she pulled on it, a graying, wrinkled image would reveal the life she detested. This paper, she crumples time after time, but never manages to throw away. The crinkles on the sheet only etch deeper the lines on her mother’s face. Her mother, whose eyes are gentle and earnest, doesn’t care about the wrinkles that fan like the tail of a trout when she smiled. Her mother, who worked two jobs so that her brother could have new clothes, could go to college; everything was always for him, never her. She never wanted to see that woman again, yet, she couldn’t throw it away. Even in this world of glamor, the blinding dazzle and shine is not enough to block her past, the life she ran away from.

    Thanks for reading!
    size: 26

  66. Daphne permalink
    27 July 2009 11:17 am

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I adore your blog ❤
    Hope you enjoy my story.

    The click click of the pencil thin heels of Allie's patent nude Louboutins followed her as she walked across the marble lobby. She was on her way to another go-see. The soft, black leather of her Balenciaga motorcycle bag slouched across her right shoulder, the curve of the bag molding around her side, swinging slightly with each step. This was the bag he gave her, like he gave every single one of his girls, but she didn’t care. Under her other arm, she carried a large dark leather album. Page after page, her life from the past three years are displayed in prints of her smiling, frowning, selling this, selling that. There are pictures of her on top of rigid skyscrapers, perched on ladders, in old castles, in even older fields fenced in with mottled stone, all elusive and mysterious. They are photos of everything she tried to be, but could never be.

    Her outfit was simple, showing off her perfect proportions, those mile long legs that her brother once called “chicken legs.” The Current/Elliot dark legging skinny jeans seemed to stretch them even longer, never ending. And on top, she wore a simple white James Perce v-neck with a sleek black blazer, the sleeves scrunched to just below her elbows. Allie’s tousled chestnut hair ran free, her bangs swept effortlessly to the side. And the only jewelry she wore was a Chanel rose ring on her index finger; she liked to switch between the left and right hands, depending on her mood. The flower winked at the lady at the desk as Allie pulled out her wallet to take out a name card.

    Allie loved her Chanel wallet. She got it after her first photo shoot. She loved the two white interlocking curves at the bottom right corner, fun to trace with fingers on lazy summer afternoons spent inside airplanes. Opening the fold, all her cards align perfectly in designated slots. The picture of her and him smiling looks up with the city skyline shining in the background, protected by its plastic cover. She hated the photo, but he wanted it there. His mouth twisted into the trademark “business casual” smile, eyes mocking the world, flashing his dominance and financial district elitism.

    Under this portrait, peeks out a frayed corner, as if to remind her of its forgotten existence. If she pulled on it, a graying, wrinkled image would reveal the life she detested. This paper, she crumples time after time, but never manages to throw away. The crinkles on the sheet only etch deeper the lines on her mother’s face. Her mother, whose eyes are gentle and earnest, doesn’t care about the wrinkles that fan like the tail of a trout when she smiled. Her mother, who worked two jobs so that her brother could have new clothes, could go to college; everything was always for him, never her. She never wanted to see that woman again, yet, she couldn’t throw it away. Even in this world of glamor, the blinding dazzle and shine is not enough to block her past, the life she ran away from.

    Thanks for reading!
    size: 26

  67. 27 July 2009 11:33 am



  68. 27 July 2009 12:01 pm

    Congrats on your one-year anniversary! Cheers to many, many more years! Your blog is truly unique with your witty writing style and fab tips!

    xo, Becs

  69. 27 July 2009 12:51 pm

    eeeeh happy appy Blog-Birthday!


  70. 27 July 2009 3:14 pm

    happy blog-day! a momentous moment, reaching a full year of posts. i wish i was a tiny bit of an accomplished writer as you, so that i could proudly submit… alas writing is not my forte 😦

  71. 27 July 2009 3:18 pm

    Are we allowed to vote? Because I called my sister up in Florida and read her Ayla’s story over the phone. We were both choked up. My sister said she thinks Ayla could write for the New York Times or write a great book. We both think she should win. Is there a runner up prize? Because I thought maybe it should be a pair of cut offs, hehe.

    • 27 July 2009 3:19 pm

      PinkBow: Oh shush, darling! But thank you! 😛 You still should anyway! (: They’re quite fun to write!

      diane: That’s a great idea, but I’m afraid of any unfair voting that may occur, so I’ll leave the picking as is – but thanks for the suggestion! And as for the runner up prize, I’m afraid I can’t add that, since this is in partnership with Chickdowntown & it is they who are providing the prize! bisous! xx

  72. Chris permalink
    27 July 2009 5:24 pm

    Oops, I emailed mine to you, but here it is again!

    Size: 26

    La Couturier Giveaway Contest

    A college student peruses her tiny dorm closet on a Friday before classes. She knows that directly after her one class of the day, she has to catch the metro from her cozy college into the fast-paced streets of Washington D.C. for work. She stares blankly into her way-to-crammed closet, at a loss of what to wear. Her criteria?

    (1) Something quick, because every moment she stands idle is a moment of getting ready lost; (2) Warm enough for the short walk to class, yet cool enough for the over-heated classroom; (3) Comfortable enough to warrant a relaxing train ride; (4) Wrinkle resistant, so she can look put together and professional; and finally (5) Chic, so that she effortlessly commands the streets of D.C.

    Her eyes fall on a garment bag hanging in her closet and with the recollection of what the bag contains, an outfit is born. She remembers her ever-so-comfortable, ever-so-chic, ever-so-perfect black denim Current/Elliott leggings folded neatly in her drawer and proceeds to tear open the garment bag to reveal her trusty boyfriend blazer; slim cut through the shoulders and cuffed sleeves, a single button black blazer that immediately elevates an outfit from “oh, this is cute” to, “ahhh, perfect.”

    She pulls on the leggings and tucks into them a loose, silky white racerback tank adorned with black and gray roses. After tying her hair into a loose, messy yet perfect bun and donning a simple pair of black ballet flats, she throws a pair of tough, yet feminine (thanks to the pseudo-t-strap, pointy toe and slim heel) black leather heels into her charcoal leather satchel for later, and is on her way to live the life she dresses for.

  73. 27 July 2009 6:34 pm

    Hi honey! I’ve missed your blog!

    Guess what?

    I’m partnering with and we are GIVINGAWAY away a BB Dakota Battalion jacket to one LUCKY WINNER! [the contest is available for U.S. residents only.]

    This GIVEAWAY ends next Saturday, August 1st, by Midnight (Central)

    Good Luck, and please spread the word! More info. on my blog!

    xo xo

  74. 27 July 2009 6:54 pm

    first of all, happy anniversary!!!

    I am going to have to work on this….

  75. 27 July 2009 7:17 pm

    I love the photos from Cobrasnake! They always put me in a good mood! Here’s my entry:

    It was a crazy day at work! I’ve had a long day and I couldn’t wait to go home and relax. So I walked back slowly, looking down at my sore feet and wondering what I’ll eat for dinner. Before I went up to my apartment, I checked my mail and screamed! Oh yes! Merci! My Current/Elliot black leggings I won from La Couturier! I did a little dance and then looked around to make sure nobody saw it but couldn’t care less if anyone did!

    This is perfect! This is amazing! This is exactly what I want! I talked to myself while I paced back back and forth around my living room like a mad woman clutching the leggings. So now! What should I wear with it? The possibilities! But for tonight, I will pair it with my new white pocket tee from NastyGal Vintage and my printed Chanelesque jacket and my beautiful dimaond bracelet from my dear aunt. Then I’ll put on a pair of gladiator heels and mess up my hair a little bit for that casual coolness. Finally I’ll grab my black leather bag and headed out the door feeling as fabulous as a Manhanttan socialite! Au Voire! xxoxoxoxoxoxo

  76. tellmeaboutyou permalink
    27 July 2009 8:35 pm

    Oh, my I actually finished writing it!

    ’Oh no’ Sharon thought as she watched the giant streak in her previous perfect nail garnish. She tried her best to ignore it but as the perfectionist she was, at least when it came to nail polish, she sat down patiently to redo it. After she had painted on her highly adored drops of Chanel Le Varnis in Vendetta she plopped down on her bed pondering as she did every day; each and every morning the very same question: What to wear? She walked over to her wardrobe and started shifting through the clothes; a big frown upon her face. She was about to give up and wear a potato sack when she saw her newly arrived Current/Elliot Jeans in black hanging there waiting for her. Cursing slightly under her breath for forgetting her most essential piece of clothing, the one piece which never failed her because it matched almost everything in her wardrobe, she pulled them on. Standing there in a lace black bra she started looking for a top, in which task she had no trouble, and pulled out a Wang Mini Pocket Tank in black. Setting her hair up in a lazy bun she decided on wearing her favourite Louboutin Miss 120 platform ankle boots, self esteem in the form of a shoe. Making her a bit higher than the average woman and her back straight shoes like these made Sharon emit a kind of weird glow which, as it had seemed before, attracted a look are two from impressed onlookers. To finish up her outfit she put on her Wang cardigan and stacked on her trusty jewelry she had stashed in an ashtray and made sure her Chloe Paraty leather tote contained her necessities: Chanel light pink lipstick, her crackberry and moleskin notebook. All ready to go, she gave herself one last look in the mirror before dashing out in the slightly cold summer breeze.

    Size: M-L

  77. 27 July 2009 8:37 pm

    ooops, my sister wordpress account showed up, I’m tellmeaboutyou xD Sorry!

  78. 28 July 2009 8:08 am

    ya gotta love that site! great post! 🙂

    p.s. i’m working on a new blog and was wondering if you’d like to swap links again?

  79. 28 July 2009 10:34 am

    happy blog birthday! You’re blog is truly fabulous, and like i always say, you’re an amazing writer!

  80. 28 July 2009 4:34 pm

    Bianca tapped her index finger to her chin as she scanned the rows and rows of clothes before her. Her closet had always been her sanctuary—the one place she always felt safe, when the outside world was so unlike. Approaching a shelving unit fastened to the wine-colored wall, Bianca knew exactly which pair of denim she was going for. She quickly pulled her Current/Elliot Legging jeans down, and smoothed out the invisible creases that only she could make out. A quick glance at the oak grandfather clock near the door told her there wasn’t much time left—4 minutes until the car arrived, and she could not afford to be late. She was meeting with Ford Modeling Agency for the first time, and an astounding first-impression was crucial. With her dark chocolate tresses, naturally bronzed Hawaiian skin, and her almond shaped jade eyes, she was striking. Nevertheless, in a world infatuated with emaciated models and Barbie doll replicas, Bianca knew she didn’t stand a chance.

    An abrupt shake of the head brought her reeling back to reality. She snatched a crisp, white linen Prada blouse, accompanied by a cashmere cardigan in sea green to accentuate her eyes. She slipped her feet into a pair of black Michael Kors wooden wedges, and fastened the buckles. After layering on a few long, silver pendant necklaces, Bianca darted downstairs. Stopping at the door, she grabbed an oversized grey leather Miu Miu bag along with her glossy new iPhone. Once she heard the beep of a car horn in her driveway, Bianca smoothed down her subtly wavy hair, and diffidently strode out of the safety and comfort of her home.

    Sliding across the slick black leather interior of the town car, she promptly recited the address of the agency. As the car began to pull away, Bianca gently withdrew a worn, faded photograph from her purse. She held it close to her heart for a moment, kissed it tenderly, and slid it into the pocket of her jeans. The photo depicted her beautiful mother, who had passed away three years back. Bianca was doing this for her. And now, she was leaving the safe shell-of-a-life she had made for herself with her father, younger brother, and little sister.

    The car came to a sudden halt, and the driver turned around, clearly hoping for a tip. Bianca smiled weakly, unfolded a few dollars, and placed them in the driver’s calloused hand. Stepping gracefully out of the vehicle and taking a few deep breaths, Bianca walked through the glass doors, and made her way to the registration desk, which loomed dauntingly in the corner of the room.

    Once all legal papers had been signed, Bianca sat herself down in the crowded waiting room full of gorgeous women, adorable children, and drool-worthy guys. She let out a small sigh, bothered by the tough competition surrounding her.

    “Bianca?” asked a man in what she recognized as a smart Armani blazer. Bianca rose, and followed him into her audition, doing her best to soothe her trembling nerves. Her hand involuntarily reached for the photo of her mother, in her front pocket. Once her fingers felt the worn out, yet smooth edges of the photograph, she was instantly at peace. Her mother was watching over her. Knowing that, Bianca felt unconquerable. She was ready to wow those people at Ford.
    size 28

  81. denimdebutante permalink
    28 July 2009 4:53 pm

    Beauty was never the first thing on Juliet’s mind. She never saw herself as one of those girls who cared about how she looked, and she never tried to impress anyone.

    Until today. Today, she walked into class dressed to look… well, to look as perfect as possible. That meant her pair of Current/Elliott “The Legging” in her signature color (black, of course) with her cream colored satin blouse flowing over her lanky torso. A pair of dark Tahitian pearls (that she may have “borrowed” from her roommate… no worries, Carrie would get them back in 90 minutes!) and some cute, vibrant (and maybe a bit daring) heels from the back of her closet. She had saved those red Louboutins for a special occasion and she knew, more than anything, that today was the day. It’s not that she was afraid of failure… no, she just didn’t want to chance it. Everything had to go as planned; she’d been waiting for this day as long as she could remember.

    He called her name first. She grabbed her paper, sauntered down the steps of the lecture hall and up to the podium. She didn’t waiver, didn’t falter. Every syllable came out perfect, every sentence crisp and clean. She was amazing.

    And when he called her afterward to tell her she got the internship she’d spent the last three years working so hard to get, she couldn’t speak. She couldn’t even think. All that ran through her mind was “I doubt I ever would’ve been able to do this without my favorite jeans.” And as the grin surfaced on her usually stoic face, she knew that today would be a day she’d remember for the rest of her life.


  82. Danielle permalink
    29 July 2009 10:47 am

    These jeans are amazing! Congrats on the anniversary!

  83. valentina permalink
    29 July 2009 12:36 pm

    What a great giveaway! I would pair these jeans with everything in my closet! They are fabulous!

  84. 29 July 2009 12:47 pm

    I love these jeans! Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. maria permalink
    29 July 2009 1:58 pm

    I love this giveaway. These jeans would look great with a pair of heels!

  86. Nikky permalink
    29 July 2009 2:25 pm

    Great giveaway in my opinion, these jeans look so cute and comfy!

  87. Eliza Jeffers permalink
    29 July 2009 2:39 pm

    Bonjour belle! I love the skinnies!

    If only I could fit into them! One day ;-).

    C’est la vie.

    Love the blog!

  88. Rain permalink
    29 July 2009 3:47 pm

    Happy one year! You have a great writing style that’s all of your own and you deserve all of your success.
    For my entry I’ve decided not to focus so much on the clothes I’d wear per se, but on the effect the clothes we wear can have on others (hopefully, haha). Hope you like it x

    If we fall in love in a moment, then for Chris that moment arrived the second he glimpsed Claudette’s ankles atop the flight of stairs. He’d been waiting just a minute, and then there they were: two flashes of skin framed by long black stems and the polished toe of high black heels. The red soles revealed the shoes as Louboutins, and although he already knew the answer he found himself inquiring their designer just to hear that delicious accent roll around her mouth: Loo-boot-tun. Her voice was soft, girlish even, and yet later that evening, between sips of red wine and two red lips, Chris caught glimpses of an intellect so sharp it belied her gentle tone. For that was Claudette – sweet, sharp, soft and altogether dangerous; like the gold studs on the sweetheart neckline of her bustier, layered over a sheer white tee. She was flawless, and yet so slightly undone. The jaunty chequered blazer she’d worn en route to the restaurant she’d thrown over the back of the chair without a second glance once there; she wore no jewellery, but held a rhinestone studded McQueen clutch under one arm. The overall impression was that of exclamation mark.

    As they were leaving the restaurant, Chris felt a frission in his arm and looked down to see her fingers laced with his. It was then that he knew that just one moment with Claudette would never be enough. He was down the rabbit hole, far from Kansas, and home was nothing, nothing, compared with this.

  89. Rain permalink
    29 July 2009 3:48 pm

    Almost forgot! My size is S (US 4). xx

  90. Rain permalink
    29 July 2009 3:50 pm

    oh shoot, another thing I forgot. the email is All apologies L.C!

  91. 29 July 2009 6:06 pm

    Congratulations on your first blogging-year!!!!
    Here’s to many more to come to continue inspiring all of us!!!!!

    Lots of love!

  92. 29 July 2009 8:06 pm

    Congrats darling on one fantastic year! What a great idea for this contest!
    Here’s my entry:


    Their eyes met from across the room. For the third time that night.

    She bashfully looked away, trying awkwardly to pretend like she hadn’t been sneaking that glance at him. It was hard not to stare, he was just too gorgeous for her to stop. She half-heartedly pretended to be interested in whatever it was that Mr.-let-me-buy-all-your-drinks-tonight-so-you’ll-talk-to-me was saying. She thought she remembered that he said his name was Brick. What kind of name was Brick, anyway? She gave him a nod and a weak smile and politely brushed his creepy hand from her leg. Again. Why had her friend Rachel abandoned her? Where was she?

    She excused herself “to go to the ladies’ room” and could feel his (and other) eyes on her as she walked away. She should have known to expect that tonight. She was wearing her Current/Elliot’s, after all. It seemed that whenever she wore them, she got more than her share of male attention. Not that she didn’t usually, though. She was a classic beauty, and her effortless style and good looks were hard not to notice. Tonight she had paired her black skinnies with a classic men’s white oxford shirt, unbuttoned just the right amount. The thin loose material hung perfectly on her frame, and she had partially tucked it in at the front to show off her jeans. She was accessory-free tonight, letting the clothes speak on their own. She walked confidently, basic black stilettos clicking on the floor.

    Just then, she felt a hand on her arm, and heard a voice close to her ear: “Need someone to rescue you?” Her heart quickened and she turned to find herself face-to-face with Gorgeous. She took a deep breath to steady herself, because she was finding that his proximity unnerved her slightly, but in the best way possible.

    “Yes, please. And thank you. I was wondering when you’d come.” She managed to coyly turn up the corners of her perfectly painted red lips.

    He smiled and led her to a quieter end of the bar. He was intoxicating: his smiling hazel eyes, dark hair, and wonderful scent had her hooked. She caught a glimpse of Brick from across the room. He was starting to look around, confused and slightly peeved. She wasn’t worried about him anymore though. She flicked her cascading dark hair over her shoulders and turned to face her rescuer.

    She knew she’d be okay now.


    My email:
    My size: 28


  93. Jess permalink
    30 July 2009 10:49 am

    Love them! I would wear them with a flowey Asian style top (maybe something by Yumi Kim) and a pair of stilettos!

  94. Becca permalink
    30 July 2009 4:24 pm

    Oh I love these jeans! Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. 30 July 2009 5:03 pm

    Congratulations on a most fabulous year, La Couturier! Below, you will find my entry 🙂


    Bebette Martine, naturally, had that Blair Waldorf type of “put together”. You know, stockings, trench coats in every color imaginable, gorgeous blouses, coveted handbags, and of course, the ever-present headband. But tonight, she would be in Paris. And, as she had always said, America is my country, Paris is my hometown.

    It was about 8 o’clock when she managed to arrive at the Hotel de Crillon, Bebette noted as she glanced at the screen of her gem-encrusted Blackberry. As she walked into her suite, Bebette was greeted by none other than her best friend, Stevie, whom she’d known since the years of dress up and magic fairy tales. Stevie was a fashionista at heart. And tonight, she was dressed as always, Erin Wasson-esque, and sans an ounce of color. They embraced, followed by a session of reminiscing.

    “Why don’t I dress you up tonight? It will be just like old times, when we would prance around in my grandmother’s Chanel stilettos, and my father’s suits,” Stevie said magically as she acted out the scene by strutting gracefully across the giant bed. She pouted her red lips. “Please, B. It will be fun.”

    Bebette wasn’t sure whether it was Stevie’s hopeful look, or the hot city air that made her agree to the offer, but somehow she found herself in the spacious hotel bathroom holding a pile of black & white frocks from Stevie’s suit case. First, she slipped into a Kiki de Montparnasse black, lacy bra. The bra smelled of Stevie’s signature scent, Valentino’s Rock ‘n Rose. Bebette then snuck into a sheer white tee, which allowed the lace bra to peek through ever so slightly. She finished off the look with an Alexander Wang black double breasted jacket, unbuttoned, Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain high heel booties, and of course, the Current/Elliot denim skinny jeans. Bebette turned to face the floor length mirror, her blood rushing with anticipation. The girl she saw in the mirror was edgy, glamorous, sexy, seductive, alluring, and fierce.

    And with no delay, (besides a swipe of red lipstick and a tousle of the hair) the ladies were off. No longer looking like little girls in their dress up clothes, they were ready to take on the night. Bebette stole a glance at her own reflection in a store window, it was mixed with reflections of pedestrians, dresses hanging on mannequins, and her city of black and white. Her hometown, Paris.



    size: 24 (preferably the smallest size available)

    Good luck on finding a winner! 🙂

    – laur @ neonmango

  96. Evie permalink
    31 July 2009 10:15 am

    Wow, thanks a lot for the chance to win these awesome jeans! I love them. I’d definitely wear them with a bright top from the Vintage Collection, and some fierce heels. With a little jewelry and my trusty leather brown bag, it’d look great!

  97. Madison permalink
    31 July 2009 10:25 am

    I love these jeans. I would wear a simple tank top and crop jacket for the summer. In the fall, I’d wear them with my favorite pair of boots. (Size 12.) Thanks for the giveaway, and congrats on your blog making it a year!

  98. 31 July 2009 4:20 pm

    I just wanted to make sure I got my size right, I put 24. I am definitely an XXS. I think these sizes correspond? I’m not sure so I figured I’d say XXS just for good measure 🙂

    – laur @ neonmango

  99. Rachel permalink
    1 August 2009 12:32 am

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!
    I love love love your blog! Your sense of style- both fashion and writing- is unique and lovely to read. Congratulations on a year of inspiring your readers (like moi!) to dress to impress (cliche….sorry :P) and make the world a little more stylish.
    Heres my entry- its obscenely long, so sorry about that, but I had a lot of ideas 🙂 My email is: ……and I’m a 31
    The Denim Dancer
    Cecilia had always been a dancer. A ballet student at the Joffrey ballet school in New York, she felt the most alive when she was soaring through the air, stepping sur les points. Dance was her passion: when she danced she felt powerful, fierce and strong and unstoppable. It was December, though, a holiday vacation from her vigorous training. Yet even on this short break she kept busy……
    A blaring alarm awoke Cecilia from her heavy slumber. Yawning, she stepped out of her bed and shed the silky slip she had worn to bed. She skipped over to her closet, opening the double doors that concealed another passion of hers: clothes! She smiled dreamily, surveying her wardrobe. Pulling out her new black Current/Elliot “the legging” skinny jeans, she detached the tag and slid them onto her petite frame. She grinned, basking in the feeling of her new pants- they fit her thin muscular legs like a second skin and reminded her of the leggings and tights she loved dancing in. She pulled a pale pink tank top over her head, soft and fitted and the color of ballet slippers. She made it a point to incorporate some dance-inspired piece into her outfit each day. Over this she zipped her lacy Free People “flutter fly away top,” – its lace and creamy color reminded her of the grace and glamour of eras past, but the black zipper added a touch of modernity. She slid her arms into a grey “Merino Maya cardigan” from jcrew, then added a thin vintage silver bangle and a thin black hair elastic onto her wrist. Slipping her feet into Sigerson Morrison Belle cuff choke wedge pumps, she glided over to her vanity and applied a touch of mascara and a sheer Chanel lipgloss to her face. Grabbing her black B.Makowsky “Kingston” tote, she dashed out the door, ran down her steps and hailed a cab. Inside she pulled her hair into a messy bun, allowing a few strands to fall and frame her face. She instructed the driver to take her to the NYU college of arts and sciences, where she took undergraduate courses in creative writing and chemistry. She sighed- she loved learning and yearned to take more classes, but there simply were not enough hours in the day! Grabbing an apple from her bag, she munched while she waited to arrive at the school. In class, she was ever so studious, absorbed in writing down as much that her professors said as possible. Her concentration was of such an intense level that she was completely oblivious to the stares of the other students: girls admired her outfit, wishing they wore such stylish clothes rather than their sweats and teeshirts. The male students in the class stared at her delicate features, mahagony locks, tiny figure, hoping to get the chance to meet this lovely, fairy-like creature. These responses were not unusual- Cecelia’s looks attracted attention, and her dreamy demeanor and sweet personality made it impossible to forget her. You simply could not hate her- she was so oblivious to the fact that she dressed impeccably, had the looks of a runway model or Greek goddess; her confidence was quiet. She didn’t radiate self-assurance, but if one watched carefully, the small smiles that sometimes played across her lips revealed that she knew she was fabulous.
    At two, Cecelia finished her second class, then walked to a nearby café. Nibbling a baguette with brie, she sorted through the emails and texts on her blackberry. After hailing a second taxi, she rode to the community center where she taught a free dance class. She didn’t get paid, but she didn’t mind- she knew she was doing a good thing, and dance was such an important aspect of her life that she wanted to share it with those who might not be able to afford it otherwise. In the studio she pulled off her cardigan and lace top, then exchanged her beloved jeans for a pair of black leggings and a short lace wrap skirt that tied at the waist. She tied the ribbons of her pointe shoes, then pulled pairs of slippers from her bag, in every possible size. She proceeded to distribute these to students who didn’t have their own, and then, with the most discreet of smiles playing on her face, she began to dance.

  100. 1 August 2009 3:56 am

    I’m going to apologize in advance for the length. I couldn’t help myself.
    Email: Size: I believe a 26?
    I really hope to mature into as good a writer as you are.

    The Girl Who Made the Jeans That Made Her

    A girl of 23, fresh out of college with a degree in communications, Sonja is an agreeable girl; however, there is always a mysterious shadow attached to her that lurks around the corner, which no one can identify until they get close to this woman of intrigue. Sonja dresses and behaves in a very classy and chic manner, and her fashion sense goes along with her grand looks. She is a girl who strongly believes in smart shopping which allows her to not have her closet overrun by trends, nor have the credit debt of Rebecca Bloomwood whilst having beautiful staples. No doubt she payes attention; how could one not when attempting to live in a whirlwind of the fashion world?
    Smelling mango with a slight hint of hemp, Sonja had, indeed, woken up with her face in her Friesian-like hair, again. She bounced up with an energetic spring, and gave serious thought on leaving the apartment in her silk pajamas; realizing this was no option, Sonja walked to her wardrobe in desperate search of real clothes. Today she was somewhat off from work, whilst still having to complete a few glamorous tasks. Wanting to represent her boss in the best of ways, she knew it would not be appropriate to don too casual attire that day. As she was shuffling through her expansive collection of pants, Sonja finally realized the only pair of pants capable of holding up to this pressure while keeping her own look would be her Current/Elliot “the Legging” jeans. So of course, Sonja slipped the jeans up her lanky legs without hesitation. Now that her foundation was completed, she was able to continue building the rest of today’s house; seemingly, everything started to fall perfectly into place. She spotted her Asos pleat sleeve V-neck sweater and knew the next step. With her jeans being black, and her only being 5’4, Sonja wanted her legs to keep going; with this, she slipped her size 8 feet into her Christian Louboutin very prive satin pumps. She quickly hunted for those prepossessing black earrings from Asos she saw on their Oh So Coco page, rummaged through her ring collection for those random cocktail rings from, quickly put on one of her many Alex and Chloe necklaces, and finally snatched her Marc Jacobs Cecilia studded satchel. Glancing in her full length Victorian mirrior, Sonja loved the way the purple Marc Jacobs bag complimented her black foundation – her Current/Elliot jeans – as this bag would fall against her thighs with her arm hanging low. She decided to smooth, but not brush her hair; and as always, applied minimal make up. For Sonja believed a simple smile is capable of wonders make up can never even touch on. Taking a side glance at her brand new Peek beeping with emails on her white bedside table, she finally took note today was still somewhat a work day.
    After a hectic day of running about town, hopping from elegant corner boutique to another in dire search of clothes and new collections for her boss, it was the compliments on her jeans rather than handling beautiful clothes that made her day.
    “Those jeans make you look taller,” said one stylist.
    “You have the legs of a model in those jeans,” said another fashionable lady; and the compliments just kept spilling out from the mouths of these women Sonja herself considered icons. It, indeed, had been one long day filled with flattery. Over what? Over the jeans.
    Dear Time was now nearing 18:30 and dinner with the beau and his friends was at 19:00. If the taxi and dear Time permitted, Sonja was hoping to quickly slip into a classic body con dress and disappear into a night filled with love and laughter. However, city traffic appeared to always be dear Time’s nemesis. Arriving to the apartment a tad shy of 19:00, Sonja knew a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!
    “My dear Sonja, your knight is almost at the cross street, ready?” Her charming and rudely gorgeous beau had texted her. Of course! Because like a good girl, Sonja planned her back up ensemble in the waiting taxi. Slipping into a more feminine top, her Vivienne Westwood Gold Label corseted silk top, Sonja had a few more tweaks up her sleeve. The shoes were staying, and of course the jeans, for the only thing to alternate would be her necklace and bag. She took off her previous necklace, and put on her present from that darling beau, a black Kenneth Jay Lane flower necklace. Remembering to substitute her more subtle black leather Chanel 2.55 for that Marc Jacobs; Sonja was almost set for launch. She just needed to transfer her Peek, Nokia, and a few cosmetic items into her purse, feed her amazingly adorable Yorkie, Marc (after Marc Jacobs and Marc St. James from Ugly Betty), and apologize to the beau beforehand over text for being late. Out the door, she took off for the latter part of her exciting day; meeting her boyfriend by the steps of her apartment building.
    Thanks to her boss, Giovanna Battaglia, Sonja knew her stuff and how to alternate and transform. More thanks to her jeans, however. The jeans that took her from running around town to going out to dinner. The Current/Elliot jeans were one of Sonja’s many staples, yet they were her favorite. No matter what the day threw at her, Sonja looked quite splendid whenever donning these jeans; they epitomized her style, morphing into whatever the day or her mood was. They allowed Sonja to wear flats, when the rare occasion did come. Sonja loved pretending to be a skyscraper while never forgetting to stay grounded, and these jeans allowed her play on both teams. These jeans held their own while letting Sonja be the young woman she has matured into. Indeed, she made the jeans just as much as the jeans made her.

  101. 1 August 2009 10:12 am

    Hope there aren’t too many grammatical mistakes :).

    It was midnight on a rainy October day. The wind was cold that night and it looked as if the rain would be falling forever. There was no one to see in whole New York city, but if you looked very closely you will see that there’s one exception. Out there in the rain was a young woman – so it seems – running for her life. Her black leather boots with stiletto heels were clicking so fast, that you weren’t able to hear them. The only thing to hear was the ticking of the raindrops when they hit the ground. Her black poloneck and Current/Elliott’s “the Legging” Denim Skinny in black were there to make her almost invisble in the cold, dark night. As a ‘finishing touch’ she added a short black leather biker jacket to make sure even Kate Moss would be impressed. You want to know her name? It’s Lott, Char Lott.

    Her hairdo was done in a wet-look ‘coupe’, with tons of gel (she stopped counting the jars she used). So, miss Lott was quite sure the rain wouldn’t damage her hairdo. It was funny to see that by every step she took, her dark brown high ponytail swung from the one side to the other. In order to make her look more dramatic, she used lots of black eyeliner and black eye shadow. To be completely honest, she liked her over-the-top make-up, this way her green eyes were looking brighter than ever.

    You want to know why an all-black dressed, over-the-top made up woman like that was running for her life at midnight on a rainy October day? She had a mission: getting the perfect birthday cake from the best bakery in town. At the point she arrived at the bakery, she realized she forgot her hair pin to unlock the door (she didn’t had to use it to control her hair, therefore she used gel). But, boots with stiletto heels are multifunctional, so she broke off her heel and opened the door smooth and easily. There it was, looking pretty and tasteful, the perfect birthday cake…

    … Happy one year anniversary La Couturier!

    email adress:
    size: 28

  102. 1 August 2009 11:02 am

    “Leave your mark wherever you go…” Natalie’s mother’s words kept on replaying in her head as she applied her Carbon Gloss L’Oreal eyeliner across her already smudged smoky eye. As she drew back from her oval mirror, her pearl earrings caught her eye, glinting in the early sunrise. She quickly glanced at the alarm clock by her bedside table. 4.52am. She wasn’t getting in, she was just about to go out. Her internship at Elle in Paris meant working crazy hours and looking insanely good at all times. She tousled her hair whilst thinking what to wear today. She wasn’t actually going to work right now, but she loved to sit in the coquettish café around the corner with the Guardian and a pain au chocolat. Nothing like something sweet to start the day, she thought. Natalie began to sweep up her dark hair from her shoulders into a bun whilst inspecting her appearance. A 6-inch pair of Red Christian Louboutin Jefferson peep-toe sandals which added miles to her long Current/Elliot The Legging clad legs. Her Lela Rose Silk-blend taffeta blouse was half tucked into her leggings to give that “dishevelled” look. Her Gucci blazer wore – originally for men – she had the blazer tailored to hug her curves, embracing her femininity. “Today is definitely one to make a mark upon” she mumbled from her deep rouge stained lip with the final bobby pin in between her lips. She finally pinned her chignon, picked her Blackberry Bold from her dressing table and swung her Marciano Stachel into the crook of her arm, ready for last day. She close her room door and grinned, anticipating the Alexander Wang show and a possible-real life encounter with Carine Roitfeld. After all Natalie, was here to leave her mark… xxo

    Happy one year anniversarie and more to come!

    I’ve included a polyvore for your viewing pleasure:

    My email is
    Size: 31

  103. 1 August 2009 6:49 pm

    Yet another thing that I must change about my entry (I am truly sorry to have to keep bothering you). I just changed my email address as my other one was not working properly. Now, you may contact me at Thanks, and I apologize again!

    – laur @ neonmango

  104. Chelsea permalink
    3 August 2009 12:46 pm

    I looove these!

    I would wear with my new Elizabeth & James deconstructed tee in gray and some killer 5 inch pumps… I need some new ones. I’m thinking Louboutins… my wallet is not, however =)

  105. 1 October 2009 6:21 pm

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    Andrew – Aloe Vera Distributor

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