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guess maeve boots, please be mine.

13 April 2009

Dearest Maeves,

Why is it that you are so hard to find in my size? 





These are the boots of my when-I-don’t-feel-like-dressing-so-feminine dreams.

And more me (obviously) than the Doc Marten’s that look oh-so-beautiful in editorials.

Combat boots part grunge, part dominatrix.

And this is when I fell in love with them:

The ever-gorgeous Laurel of It's Her Factory.

The ever-gorgeous Laurel of It's Her Factory.


La C.

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  1. thebaglady permalink
    13 April 2009 11:14 pm

    Ah-hah, now these seem more you! =)

    Good luck finding them in your size!

  2. 13 April 2009 11:17 pm

    They have a grunge factor that I can’t resist. I love the belt buckle around the ankle – so cute. Laurel looks lovely in them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you find them in your size.

  3. 13 April 2009 11:22 pm

    Those are soo cute! I love the little straps.

  4. 13 April 2009 11:34 pm

    oooo even better. sold.

  5. 13 April 2009 11:47 pm

    So cute! Love the buckles.

  6. letslivefast permalink
    13 April 2009 11:57 pm

    hahaha everyone lovesssss these
    they go with just about anything!
    im sure youll find them if you keep looking!

  7. Michelle permalink
    14 April 2009 12:04 am

    i’d wear those for bad boy ed westwick.

  8. 14 April 2009 12:10 am

    I much prefer these to the Docs of your previous post, well, all Docs, to be completely honest. They have a way of making me look like I have clown feet.

  9. 14 April 2009 1:11 am

    Soooo perfect, I much prefer they pairs! 😀

    xoxo: Janet

  10. 14 April 2009 3:09 am

    Hi there-these are divine, how wonderful they are!!

  11. 14 April 2009 3:19 am

    oh- on laurel they do look great!

    i hope you find yourself a pair darling..
    have a great tuesDaY

  12. 14 April 2009 3:46 am

    Wow you definitely need these in your life. I’ve seen so many bloggers wear these so so well! Makes me want some awesome lace up boots.

  13. 14 April 2009 4:55 am

    I love them! Would help make my legs look longer!

  14. 14 April 2009 4:56 am

    I loveee these !!!
    They are so gorgeous! I want some too xx

  15. 14 April 2009 6:25 am

    Isn’t it always like that? When you love them, they’re never in your size…*sigh*

  16. 14 April 2009 7:18 am

    Ooh pretty, I can think of some outfits they’d look lovely with.


  17. 14 April 2009 7:48 am

    oooh yes yes please please be…mine!!!

    haha i love those shoes, ma belle.

    bisous! 🙂

  18. 14 April 2009 8:17 am

    Gah they are so hot! When I was boot shopping a few months ago I narrowed it down to these and the Ugly Duckling ‘Nadias’. They are both gorgeous! I hope you can find them soonx Sushi

  19. 14 April 2009 9:14 am

    Hello La C. They are so awesome. I think they are killer.

  20. 14 April 2009 10:24 am

    love them!! i think i prefer them to the Doc Marten’s too.

    Today i saw this pair of black patent boots that’s a cross between the two but didn’t buy it was there was a red platform heels on sale!! but now i’m thinking maybe i should have bought both? (my bank balance disagrees…) 🙂


  21. 14 April 2009 10:30 am

    i want to try out victoria’s secret heavenly. i hear it’s so good. what does it smell like? is it a warm scent or a fresh scent?

    those boots are awesomeeeeeeeeee.

  22. 14 April 2009 11:09 am

    Those boots are delish, La C! Hope you find them in your size asap!

    And yes my little sis and my stepmother live in Rumson… where is Jersey are you?


  23. 14 April 2009 11:10 am

    Get them Get them Get them!

  24. 14 April 2009 11:20 am

    now that i see these with an outfit, i’m in love as well! great pick 🙂

  25. momazpe permalink
    14 April 2009 11:36 am

    i want them tooooo

  26. 14 April 2009 11:47 am

    She shoes are amazing! I want them! I’m usually a little afraid of high heels because all my friends walk so fast and when I wear heels I have to walk a bit slower xD But shoes like this are much better to walk in I think, they are indeed perfect.

    About the Doc Martins, I love them! I loved them before this post of yours but now I love-love-love them, the pictures showed the shoes at their best;)

    I think you should get both shoes!

  27. 14 April 2009 11:57 am

    Ahhh! Where can i get a piece?
    I love this kind of shoes! Something rebelious about them:)

  28. 14 April 2009 12:19 pm

    I know! I keep seeing them and wanting them so badly! Oh and the bag is from but they dont’ have it anymore. However, Boyy has it’s own online shopping site, which is

  29. 14 April 2009 2:34 pm

    They’re gorgeous! I hope you’ll find them somewhere online in your size though! Here’s wishing! xxoxoxoxo

  30. 14 April 2009 3:14 pm

    these would also look great with slightly ripped jeans!

  31. 14 April 2009 4:48 pm

    I love a good pair of hardcore boots with a big ole’ heel!!! I like them paired with something a little more feminine (when I wear mine with jeans I just don’t feel like myself), like the image on the right! They will be yours, solidarity.

  32. 14 April 2009 7:52 pm

    These boots are awesome!! I love grunge!! E>
    Let’s take over the world.


  33. 15 April 2009 1:12 pm

    yes, great boots! I hope you find your size, don’t give up!

  34. Cristine permalink
    15 April 2009 7:52 pm

    God… I’m adicted to your blog….
    It’s just so good…

    By the way, these boots are hot! I prefer them compared to the DMs.

  35. abdcforever permalink
    17 April 2009 9:27 am

    wait – get these too! i like them both. this one seems more u than the docs, but experiment! gl w/ finding one in ur size hun!

  36. 18 April 2009 7:57 am

    I’m so happy with that Guess boots, they suit every outfit!

  37. rossovelvet permalink
    22 April 2009 3:01 pm

    Epic pair !!

  38. lilly permalink
    19 August 2009 10:42 am

    i sont know how old this post is… but i just bought these last night at marshalls for $50


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