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& the answer is…

20 October 2008

Hello darlings!

I know you have all been patiently awaiting for the answer to the first fashion quiz: drumroll, please….

it’s Bebe!

What a surprise, no? I’ve been increasingly impressed with Bebe’s collections since this year: their campaign and designs have evolved quite a bit since their original celebrity endorsed campaigns featuring Mischa Barton.

I do promise a full post soon; perhaps an outfit post! I do apologize profusely for the lack of posts lately; my excuse? School, and dance. The two activities that do consume my life.



P.S.: Oh, how i wish i could be an attendee of the CFDA Vogue cocktail party! To wear fabulous designer dresses and meet the very designers themselves (and pose with Alex Wang!!)…I can only dream. 🙂

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  1. 20 October 2008 7:08 pm

    Gosh what a surprise! I wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Bebe from now on. 🙂

    And thank you for the birthday wishes, my sweet – it’s this coming saturday!

  2. 20 October 2008 7:25 pm

    a stylist gal pal is a big fan of bebe.

  3. 21 October 2008 1:46 am

    I did not know that 😮 but the campaign is really cool 🙂

    And thanks for the really sweet comment <3^^


  4. 21 October 2008 4:15 am

    Bugger! I guess I should have popped in sooner!

  5. 21 October 2008 6:48 am

    omg, that is a suprise!
    fabulous 🙂

  6. 21 October 2008 10:14 am

    My, my. Alex wang looks so good here.

  7. thebaglady permalink
    21 October 2008 1:56 pm

    i love the dress zoe is wearing! is it by alex wang?

    and i never would have guessed bebe! i’m pretty impressed too!

  8. 28 October 2008 10:23 am

    Zoe looks great. bebe has stepped up their game and its more runway and edgy then revamp victoria secret type stuff.

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