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Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2009

1 October 2008

Zac Posen is one of my favourite designers; never minimalistic, and always excessively luxurious. The “Zac Posen” woman has evolved over the years, changing slightly or perhaps even drastically from collection to collection from the feminine, ruffle-clad girl to the stronger, utlitarian woman. This spring, however, it is a melange of the modern day woman, strong and completely aware of her sex appeal, with a tinge of the divinity of a Greek Goddess. With soft drapings of soft chiffon and layers of leopoard print fabric, Posen brings out the “warrioress”, unleashed in the urban jungle.

This is perhaps one of my favorite collections by him; I may be biased because I love all things leopard print (take my bedding, for example). Nonetheless, there is a definite improvement and craftsmanship and detailing, as shown with exquisite beading and intricate ruffles of the fabrics. Attention was paid meticulously to the folds of fabrics, with soft drapings and delicate folds, as well as the use of jewelry. Posen showcases one of this season’s greatest trends through his accessories: the use of statement pieces. With huge pieces donning each girls, the earrings bring about, strangely, an ethnic, almost tribal feel unlike the usual excessive luxuriousness other designers have brought about. Color was beautiful as well, corals, soft pinks, bright yellows, dove grays…a truly gorgeous palette.


p.s.: Might I add that I wanted every bag form the collection? I know I covered a bit of it in the last post below, but that exotic cream tote with silver hardware and taupe ruffles simply makes me fall head over heels for it.

Happy October 1st! =)

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  1. 1 October 2008 2:29 pm

    love zac posen, love how his collections keep it young, chic, & classy–ever evolving. great post!!!

    ps:thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. 1 October 2008 3:19 pm

    oooh love the collection! that last look is fantastic

  3. 2 October 2008 6:15 am

    wow everything is amazing! also love that outfit in the bottom right corner and the dresses are fab x

  4. 2 October 2008 12:42 pm

    I love Zac Posen, he’s so elegant

  5. Michelle permalink
    2 October 2008 2:02 pm

    i love how raw and refined his looks are!
    i also love the green details you add :]

  6. 2 October 2008 7:44 pm

    He’s right on as usual. Stunning looks =)

  7. 3 October 2008 7:06 am

    Elegant and stunning. I wear things like this in my dreams.

  8. 3 October 2008 8:30 am

    It’s so weird for me to see these spring outfits… i love them though. Xoxo.

  9. 3 October 2008 8:59 am

    Beautifully written and presented, La C!

    I loved this collection too . . . the details (that beading!) were exquisite.


  10. 5 October 2008 8:30 am

    The accessories are amazing. He’s hot too! Is he also gay?!?!

  11. 15 October 2008 12:17 pm

    Loved this collection!

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