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The Cutest Little Pouches

4 August 2008
Yes, I know I just posted the “it” bag of the moment only moments ago. But Anya Hindmarch’s Loose Pockets Pouches are calling my name! (I loveeee Anya Hindmarch, fyi.) And even better…they’re on sale at!! Each of her fabulous flat pouches lined in suede are in metallic calfskin with her bow logo and pouch label embossed. The scalloped edges, like lace, are just soooo adorable! These pouches are seriously the epitome of cuteness, and perfect for organizing all your loose change and little knick-knacks at the bottom of your bag (these bags are labeled!)! Organize your money & allot them each into individual spending areas to prevent spending too much…save up, especially during the recession!
This soft gold pouch is the twin Loose Pockets ‘Money/Receipts’ Pouch, with double compartments to organize your general spending money. “Money” is embossed on one side, and “Receipts” is embossed on the other. It’s on sale for $125!
The “Fun Money’ Pouch only has one compartment, and is available in pink (but it looks more like lavendar to moi…) It’s only $72.50!
Now, if only it was legal for me to sip expensive and darling little cocktails at fancy bars. For you, though, the “Cocktail Cash” embossed pouch would be perfect to tote around in your bag with the right amount of cash needed for those drinks with your man or your girlfriends! Only spend what’s inside this pouch – save up the rest for the next designer “it” bag! This one’s also $72.50!
This one in deep purple, embossed with “Disco Dosh” is my personal favorite (I’m adding that to my wishlist). What “Disco Dosh” means really is of little significance to me – the pouch is just soo darling and is in my favorite color! I really do need a smaller pouch for my millions of lipglosses; this is the perfect size so I don’t overpack my Gucci cosmetic bag!
P.S.: I just found out that Ms. Hindmarch makes a little pouch labeled “Euros” – which I really do need because of all the leftover euros (and Brit money) from my trip to Paris & London. 🙂
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