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2 August 2008

Candy – specifically chocolate – is one of girl’s best friend, as is shopping. When candy and shopping are put together as one, what girl can resist? It’Sugar is the result – and it is indeed the sweetest heaven on earth, literally. During my shopping adventure at the Pier Mall of Caesars in Atlantic City, my friend (a fellow candy addict who understands my love for all things chocolate) introduced me to this 6,000 square foot of sugary goodies.
This is perhaps the cutest department store of sweets EVER. It’s walls are plastered with pop-art of candy shops and, of course, candy. M&M’s of every color, chocolate of every kind, jelly beans of every flavor, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. As soon as you walk in, you enter a completely different world, where rainbow colors of pure sugar cover every square inch and a giant elephant statue made completely out of jelly beans stand over the register. It really is like walking into CandyLand; where all troubles are forgotten amongst the tins of gummies and aroma of chocolate being made, “disintergrating on your tongue like cotton candy”.

The best part of It’Sugar (my personal favorite) is the “Make-Your-Own Candy Bar” Counter! $8.50 may seem a bit high for a bar of candy, but it’s okay to splurge…especially if it’s personalized! First, pick the chocolate you want: white, milk, or dark. (yumm!) Fill a container to the top with your ANY candy in the candy store (I chose chocolate covered brownies, chocolate malt balls, chocolate covered cookie dough balls, and candy covered almonds in lavender & pink, specifically) and hand it over at the counter. Wait 15 minutes as your candy bar is made, and voilà! You just made your own chocolate candy bar! For an extra dollar, you can get your name (or a short message) spelled out with small candies!

I’ve just taken a bite out of my own candy bar. Yummm!

There are four basic food groups: white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, & chocolate truffles.”

for more information, or for a list of It’Sugar locations, visit!

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  1. Michelle permalink
    2 August 2008 2:54 am

    ooh i would love to see that for myself!

    darling gourmet chocolate treat!?

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