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Tod’s: My Most Recent Obsession

29 July 2008
I have only recently (since earlier this evening) become infatuated with the brand Tod’s – especially the Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection. In all honesty, before Derek Lam became the Creative Director of Tod’s, the Italian brand seemed rather suitable for the older generation, the clothes and bags in darker browns, maroons, and olive greens. Yet there has been a turnaround since 2007 with the signing of Derek Lam into its creative forces; the ready-to-wear line still reflects the philosophy and heritage of the brand while appealing to a younger generation with a modern take to exotic skins and a delicious color palette.

While I was researching the Dokt Bag on their site, I came across their striking lizard clutch, available in two delicious colors: blush and a burgundy plum – colors that evoke images of what the sugar plum fairy would tote. Unlike other clutches that are only suitable for an evening out or for a special occasion, Tod’s Lizard Clutch is perfect from day to night. The bag retains its luxuriousness with the exotic fabrics, without being too over-the-top. The silouhette is simply stunning; there is just enough trim, pleating, and hardware to give it sophisticated look.
Clutches are fabulous for the day; sometimes you just don’t feel like lugging around pounds of junk (necessary junk, mind you) in a bag. Keep it light and simple! Cut down on the lipglosses and change, throw it in the bag, and you’re ready to go! I love that the colors are perfect for this fall’s color trends; its muted hues are feminine versions of the typical fall foliage, giving just the right pop of color without being too overwhelming.
If only money was no object; then the $3845 price tag would be of no worries!
I love Derek Lam.
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  1. Michelle permalink
    30 July 2008 12:47 am

    i completely agree with your comments on tod's. my mom used to be really into it and sure i'd love to go in there with her and look, but nothing was ever attractive or appealing to me, due to their choice in target market.

    i absolutely adore derek lam as well ❤

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