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Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friends

27 July 2008
I have a confession to make. I have never been a shoe-crazy fashionista; my only required shoe staples were my black leather high heeled slouchy boots, a pair of black and a pair of pink pumps, flats (black, silver, white, the basics), and some open-toed kitten-heel slides. It wasn’t until yesterday, while taking advantage of my breaks in between summer homework to window-shop online & search for ideas for this blog, when I realized that these plain old shoes were simply, not enough.
My first search was Louboutin – the classic, celebrity-must have designer brand of shoes. I fell in love with Christian Louboutin, renowned red sole and all. I simply cannot get over how gorrrrgeous these shoes were! My personal favorite is the black Goya ankle bootie in suede – I must get a pair for myself! Ankle booties are a wardrobe basic and must-have. A hybrid of the boot and the feminine pump, booties have the clean, classy look of the pump whilst looking edgy and modern. I already have an outfit for these shoes – these Louboutins will go perfectly with a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and this adorable leather jacket from I’ve always adored the biker-chic look seen on many a Fall 2008 runways and leather jackets, but most were too harsh for my style. This cropped leather jacket with ladylike (but not frilly!) ruffles is just fabulous.
Shown on the right is another Louboutin: the Zipette Suede Sandal in nude (it’s also available in black). I’ve noticed that exposed zippers are quite in style lately, complimenting the soft, biker-chic look. I love this shoe. It’s like an ankle bootie, only with sexy cut-outs that give the platform-like heel a tough vibe. And the zipper just adds that punch of edginess to it. Classic, strong, and sexy all in one, representing today’s woman in all its truths.
On the right is another stunning Louboutin shoe: the Crystal S-Shaped, asymmetrical sandal in a light nude. Asymmetrical pieces – particulary dresses and tops – have been très à la mode this season. And of course, Louboutin had to design a shoe that complimented this trend. The silvery crystals and light cream accentuate any evening gown or cocktail dress, as it is very easy to match with (which is why I love neutrals!) I love the Audrey Hepburn-esque simplicity and sophistication of this sandal; the curves of the crystal strap is absolutely beautiful. Anything with crystals is fab-u-lous.
The next shoe is to die for – it is one of the top ten things that I must own! These Jimmy Choo Clenys Elaphe Snakeskin Gladiator-inspired heels (quite the mouthful of words) are, for lack of a better word, hot. Gladiator flats have been the it-trend in shoes for the past few seasons, with celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Mischa Barton, the Olsen twins, and Jessica Alba donning gladiators. I must admit, however, some gladiator sandals are pretty awful. But these gladiator-inspired heels are anything but. They’re sexy, strappy, exotic, and tough – you could do some serious butt-kicking in them, and the gold hardware and zipper only add more edginess to the shoe. Three IT trends, exotics, exposed zippers, and gladiators, compiled to form these amazing sandals. What more could I ask for in a shoe?
Now for the Manolo Blahniks from her Classic Collection – the Mary Jane Pumps, in pink, course. This shoe is indeed, a classic. Nothing screams classic femininity than Mary Janes, pumps, and the color pink. The soft, girly pink adds a polite pop of color to any otherwise drab outfit, channeling Elle Woods without being too over-the-top. Getting a pair (or more!) of shoes by Manolo Blahniks are on my list of things to own sometime in my life! (My non-Blahnik) patent pink pumps will do for now.)
In Miu Miu’s fall collection of footwear is this dazzling, literally, pair of Sequin Point-Toe pumps. I do love the colors and i do love sequins, but I can’t decide if these shoes are tackily flashy, or unconventially fabulous! What do you think?
On the other hand, it’s not at all difficult to decide whether or not this other shoe by Miu Miu is fashionable or not.
On left is Miu Miu’s Suede, Patent Pump in Anthracite (it’s also available in Amarene, a ruby red…I am loving the names for the colors!). I love suede heels, and smokey gray colored suede even more! They’re the perfect color, executing sophistication and coolness that black could never give (as much as I love black).
Just a sentence ago, I had just mentioned that a dark gray is the perfect colored shoe, even though I love black just as much. And look what I found…an ankle bootie with the ultimate color palette! Biker-chic yet toned down with femininity by the gray suede, sexy, edgy, and seriously fabulous, I present to you, the Prada Criss-Cross Suede Bootie in Ardesia Gray & Black. (Another wonderful name for gray! Notice that Ardesia is a lighter gray, where as Anthracite is a darker shade.)
After hours of dutifully searching for the perfect shoes, I finallyyyy found the perfect pair of classic boots, the Stella McCartney Short Slouch Boots. The heel is just perfect; not too tall, but enough to be comfortable (after all, these boots are made for walkin’!) and elongate the legs. And finally, there’s a boot that is not outrageously tall or thigh-high! I’ll cut to the chase: leather, slouchy boots are a must-have for the fall, the perfect weather for bringing out either the biker or the bohemian in you. (For a bohemina look, go for camel or chocolate colored leather!)
Ahh, Valentino (how could he leave us??). His shoes are just as breathtaking as his clothes. White shoes, like Valentino Cage Front Sandal in Cuoio and Lamenated Nappy Leather are a must in any shoe closet, even for fall (who said you can’t wear white after labor day?). It gives a bit of a youthful and fresh look even among the colorful browns, oranges, and reds…and you might just need it for any upcoming fabulous parties. This strappy heel is perfect for any occasion, whether it be cocktail, a fete, or a swanky soiree, and the criss-cross cage (another fall trend, darling) is just sexy. I’ve concluded that Valentino makes the sexiest shoes.
This one, on the right, the Valentino Dentelle Lace Trim Pump in rouge suede, exudes Agent Provocateur, bombshells, sophisticated pin-ups, a red carpet-perfect red lipstick. The gray one – or should I say ardesia – is perhaps the daintest little ankle bootie I have seen so far! You would think that the bootie is all serious; this adorable one proves that theory wrong. I love the open-toe; it gives the shoe a playful feel. The cut-out trim is like lace in the sense that it is sexy, yet its geometric shapes give it a modern touch. And the bow is self-explanatory – bows are symbols of daintiness, sexiness, femininity, and girliness…love them!!
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  1. Michelle permalink
    28 July 2008 3:25 am

    i couldn’t agree more, and i can’t wait for more entries. this’ll definiteley be in my bookmarks.

  2. Maisha permalink
    29 July 2008 2:10 am

    i love you.
    and your sense of fashion.

    these are some amazing shoes but i have to say my favorites are the two by valentino. the “ardesia” ankle bootie is so cute and i LOVE the dentelle lace trim pump..the color..everything. wow.

  3. Bombshell Beauty permalink
    4 August 2008 12:28 am

    Great shoes- kudos. Love your taste and style, anxious to see more from you.

    Much love, xx


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